ECLECTIS. European Citizens' Laboratory for Empowerment CiTIes Shared 
Dédale + Expeditio + ProstoRož + Transforma + Idensitat + Waag Society + Sinapolis

In the context of growing urbanisation and digital shift, European cities have to face an acceleration of urban, social, cultural and economic fragmentations, reinforced by the economic crisis. There is a real demand from citizens, professionals and political stakeholders for new processes to make the city, bottom-up and participatory, favouring innovative answers, adapted to new uses. Thus, cities need more than ever to exploit their creative resources to favour a smart, sustainable and inclusive development.

ECLECTIS European cooperation project aims at implementing an innovative structuring European process to favour citizens' integration in the urban making, valuing European diversity, intercultural dialogue and new technologies as sources to stimulate creativity and new practices.

6 Laboratories will be implemented through artistic residences and workshops based on local, participative and crossways approaches, integrating complementary fields: art, urban planning, architecture, new uses and new technologies. In Amsterdam, Barcelona, Kotor, Ljubjana, Paris and Torres Vedras, multidisciplinary artists and citizens will be invited to answer local issues, through innovative and artistic projects, experimenting tools and methods to facilitate citizens' knowledge and action potential on urban environment.

Artistic participatory events in public space will mobilise citizens, raising their awareness on urban issues and their action capacity, opening windows for sharing and dialogue between citizens, partners, local stakeholders.

Partners will conduct a reflection on their experimentations, to evaluate and put them into perspective, in an integrated approach, from local to political levels, in order to design tools and draft concrete political recommendations. These results will be shared with professionals from cultural sector, urban planning, citizens and political stakeholders during a final symposium. They will be the basis for the publication, to be disseminated to various European resource centres.

ECLECTIS action will be extended by the creation of a European network on Citizens' empowerment in urban context.

Project co-funded by European Union – Culture programme- cooperation projects


• To enhance European urban space diversity | For a connected and transverse approach
• To encourage creativity and new appropriation of urban space | For participatory experimentations
• To empower citizens to drive local change | For long-term impacts


• Artistic participatory residences and workshops, restitutions
• Participatory public events
• Final symposium and round tables
• Mediation and communication
• Evaluation, analysis and publication


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> PUBLICATION: 'A contribution from cultural and creative actors to citizens empowerment'

The publication  A contribution from cultural and creative actors to citizens’ empowerment is the report resulting from the European cultural cooperation project ECLECTIS- European Citizens’ Laboratory for Empowerment: CiTIes Shared which was developed between 2013 and 2014 in the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Kotor, Ljubljana, Paris and Torres Vedras.

For their part, Idensitat carried out the project Dispositifs-post during the years 2013 and 2014, a programme articulated in several phases in order to reflect upon, imagine, discuss and propose interventions and partnerships which could form a relationship between social space and creative practice. Approaches focused upon a future beyond the scenario conditioned by the decline and the tensions generated by the crisis.

The publication serves a dual purpose: on the one hand, it attempts to communicate and to reflect upon the processes and results of  projects carried out as part of ECLECTIS; and on the other, to influence public policy at local and European level.


DISPOSITIFS POST- is a project by IDENSITAT, a proposal for several phases of site-specific, imaginative interventions for the use of public space in the future beyond a post-crisis scenario, realised in collaboration with the collective Recreant Cruïlles (Recreating Crossroads), and with Germanetes, situated on the Left Eixample of Barcelona.





Co-organisers :
Waag Society [Amsterdam|NL] 
Prostoroz [Ljubljana|SL] 
Expeditio [Kotor|ME] 
Transforma [Torres Vedras|PT] 
Idensitat [Barcelona |ES] 
European Forum for Architectural Policies [Brussels|BE] 
Dédale [Paris|FR] 

Associated partners :
Sinapolis [Beijing|CN] 
European Network of Living Labs [Brussels|BE
Academica [Belgrade|SR]