On Saturday 6 June the project Stories and LLocs of Sans Façon was presented in the inner spaces of the cellar of the WIne Cooperative El Masroig (Masroig-region of the Priorat). This project initiated in 2007 by Sans Façon (Charles Blanc i Tristan Surtees) in Idensitat with the participation of Priorat Centre d'Art. The project consisted of developing a dynamic for asking a number of different people for their memories and stories, first-hand or retold by relatives, about the land and landscape of Priorat. To collect these brief stories numerous schools, centres of formation or collectives of the Priorat collaborated .

A selection of these stories has been printed in the form of labels to attach to some bottles of wine from the Montsant. The compilation of stories and the coordination of this work have been carried out by Idensitat and Priorat Centre d'Art. Production and distribution of the labels was made possible thanks to D.O. Montsant, who circulated them among wine producers who wished to collaborate in the project. The project is about landscape and its social space, narrating stories and anecdotes of those who live in this place dominated by the vintner, whose work is related to the processes of wine production and which also incorporates the logic of international distribution. Just as the wine tells of the land on which it was cultivated, this small action of incorporating memories, anecdotes or experiences, tells of the human factor that models the landscape. This symbiosis between art and landscape through multiple realities is the work that Priorat centre d'art and Idensitat pursue in a long-term process and that Stories and Places synthesizes in a precise action.

Besides the presentation of this project the composition Mina Eugènia of Juan Crek interpreted by the Orchestra of the Mines was used for the first time. The orchestra carried out a concert in an unusual stage, surrounded by huge containers of wine. The approximately 130 persons who attended it, moreover, could taste the wine and the oil of the Masroig cellar of the D.O. Montsant. The activities that Priorat Centre d'Art in the region of the Priorat promotes consolidates a project that finds its own space of visibility in these unusual spaces.

Històries i Llocs has been possible thaks to the collaboration of many local organizations and educational centers form Priorat area: Consell Regulador de la DO Montsant, Centre Quim Soler (el Molar), Esplai de la Gent Gran de Falset, Biblioteca Municipal i Comarcal Salvador Estrem i Fa (Falset), Centre de Formació Ocupacional (Falset), Centre de Recursos de Cornudella de Montsant, IES Priorat (Falset), SES Montsant (Cornudella de Montsant), CEIP Dr. Piñol i Aguadé (Cornudella de Montsant), CEIP Sant Isidre (Capçanes), CEIP Sant Feliu (els Guiamets), CEIP Josep Riba (la Serra d’Almos), CEIP Onze de Setembre (el Masroig), CEIP Rossend Giol (Porrera), CEIP Montsant (Ulldemolins), CEIP Garbí (Poboleda), CEIP El Castell (Cabacés), CEIP Montsant (la Bisbal de Falset) and CEIP Anicet Villar (Marçà).

Project Històries i Llocs by Sans Façon [pdf] for Idensitat and Priorat Centre d'Art.