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IDENSITAT is an arts project investigating ways of impacting upon the public sphere through creative proposals related to place and territory in their spatial, temporal and social dimensions.
A complex system, IDENSITAT incorporates other projects, actions or interventions, expanding into a number of different places and contexts. IDENSITAT promotes a variety of creative strategies for the realisation of activities which combine research, production, cultural management, education and communication. A system based on collaborative dynamics in order to create an intersection between contemporary artistic practices and other disciplines, developing mechanisms for connecting to specific ambits of social space.

Under the maxim, "experimenting in place to transform artistic practices, and to experiment with artistic practices to transform a place", ID highlights the active role which art plays within the social context, while also highlighting the capacity of art to disseminate cultural content in a wider context.
IDENSITAT collaborates with artists and creators from various fields, connecting them to individuals or collectives working in local contexts. IDENSITAT offers an itinerant production environment, that travels widely with proposals and projects which open up spaces for critical reflection and analysis, and to generate visions for transformation linked to public space.

Based upon micro-projects and self-management, but with a broader perspective on the physical and temporal scope of activities, IDENSITAT establishes networks, generates spaces for reciprocity and programmes in the medium and long term, in order to build a meaningful environment before, during and after a project. It is about facilitating continuity, and generating the appropriate rhythms between action and involvement to make this continuity effective. 

Idensitat Team

Ramon Parramon. Director
Roser Colomar, Irati Irulegui. Projects coordinators.

Roser Colomar. Web, communication and social networks.
Anna Recasens. Contents and translations
Azucena López. Pedagogical activites
Gaspar Maza. Co-director specific projects: iD Sport, Zombie Spaces.
Núria Parés. Organization and spaces design.
Xavi Camino, Francesc Magrinyà.
Collaborators in specific projects: iD Sport, iD Barrio Barcelona
, STKO Besòs Lab, Zombie Spaces.
Jang Sub Lee, Paula Pladevall, Bet Puig, Marc Valls. Graphic design collaborators.

Anna Recasens. Archive/English translations.


Quim Moya, Eva Quintana (Cal Gras Alberg de Cultura), Elena Muñoz (Mexico), Maral Mikirditsian (Armenia), Natalia Arroyo, Vicenç Mas, Marirró Llaràs, Alejandro Rocha, Aisa Serrano, Diana Padrón, Daniel Ramírez Corzo.

Former Coodinators
Thais Caballero (1999-2000), Bea Espejo (2001-2002), Oriol Fontdevila (2004-2008), Maral Mikirditsian (2008-2011), Cristina Garrido (2011-2012), Laia Ramos (2012-2016).

IDENSITAT is an independent project with the collaboration of different public and private institutions as Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament de Cultura, Ajuntament de Barcelona. Institut de Cultura, Ajuntament de Manresa, Fundación/Colección Júmex, HANGAR (Bacelona), Fabra i Coats Fàbrica de Creació de Barcelona, Xarxa Transversal, Ajuntament de Mataró, Ajuntament de Vilanova i la Geltrú. Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
It takes part of the network Xarxa d'Espais de Producció Xarxaprod.

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