03.09.2013 Idensitat takes part in the seminar 'Sound Art and Public Space' curated by María Andueza. It is been held in Arkitekturmuseet of Stockholm as a part of Augmented Spatiality project.

HOME AWAY. Art in social space
ISBN: 9788461369331

This book summarizes the production and documentation projects carried out in the 4th edition of Idensitat between 2007 and 2009 including a series of dialogs among different artists, educators, cultural managers and experts on related subjects.
Home / Away is the title of Idensitat’s fourth edition, which gathered together a series of projects carried out in middle-sized towns (Manresa and Mataró) and small towns in rural areas (Calaf and Priorat). These four towns belong respectively to the outskirts of Barcelona and its extended metropolitan area, and hence they are within the urban territory whose capital is Barcelona.

This edition also included a number of projects which had taken part in Idensitat as documentary projects, since they had previously been carried out in other places such as Tirana, Johannesbourg, Liverpool, New York, Rome, Seville and Bilbao.

All the projects that took part in this edition (iD#4) are shown as study cases exemplifying  types of creative practices developed in specific places to explore the relationship between the local fact and the circumstances of the visitor who analyses, represents or gets involved in the context.

Texts and dialogues: Lucía Acedo, Atsuko Arai, Fernanda Arandia, Katleen Arthern, Doug Ashford, Monika Bálint, Llorenç Bonet, Deborah Cullen, Santiago Cirugeda, Pedro Dias, Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Oriol Fontdevila, Paul Galindo, Daniel García Andújar, Ophélie Herranz, Terry Kurgan, Verónica Mansilla, Gaspar Maza, Dara McGrath, Carlos Mínguez, Naeem Mohaiemen, Alicia Murría, Carme Nogueira, Ramon Parramon, Roc Parés, Pripublikarrak, Recetas Urbanas, Octavi Rofes, Stefano Romano, Jaron Rowan, Kenneth Russo, Aida Sánchez de Serdio, David Sandoval, Sans Façon, Joana Sarmiento, Sinapsis, Katlin Soós, Stalker, Rosanna Vitiello, Visible Collective, What If: Projects ltd

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21st June  and 6th July 2010

Openning Programme of Inland - Campo Adentro: about art, agriculture and the countryside

*Discussion: Culture from and within the remaining 80% : 21st July
*Presentation of the event and Inland-Campo Adentro press conference : 6th july
*Plataforma Rural Art and Countryside Committee meeting : 21st June

The following public events have been organised to celebrate the launch of the Inland - Campo Adentro project. These events are driven by a coordinated cultural and political effort that for the first time in Spain serves as the basis for social debate about the countryside and the problems it is currently facing. The aim is to establish a new relationship between the countryside and the city, bringing together artists, rural organisations (Plataforma Rural), government representatives (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of the Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs and local and regional governments), art centres ( Museo Reina Sofía,CDAN amongst others), academics (from five Spanish universities) and other European cultural organisations. A different event reflecting each season will take place over the next three years and the presentation of the project this summer will introduce the International Inland-Campo Adentro Conference, which is due to take place this autumn in October 2010. This reencounter of city and countryside and keeping a rural world alive can be a key factor for a transition towards sustainability as well as success factor for economic and cultural regeneration.
+ info: www.campoadentro.es

21 June: Discussion: Culture from and within the remaining 80% - art, agriculture and countryside
Conversation about the Inland - Campo Adentro initiative

Round table discussion with: 

- Jesús Carrillo, Director of Cultural Events, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.
- Isaias Griñolo, Sobre Capital y Territorio, Programa Arte y Pensamiento [Capital and Territory, Art and Thought Program]. Univ. Internacional de Andalucía.
-  Ramon Parramon, Director of Idensitat_Calaf-Barcelona
- Adam Shuterland, Director of Grizedale Arts,  United Kingdom
- Fernando García-Dory, artist, Inland - Campo Adentro Project
This will include a written contribution from the Project Team Manager of Toda Práctica es Local / MUSAC, Castile and León

MUCHO MÁS MAYO Festival de Jóvenes Talentos. Cartagena


Idensitat has been invited to the lectures organized by the Festival Mucho mas Mayo. The festival gathers installations and interventions in the urban space, workshops, concerts... with the collaboration of the Sculpture department of the Fine Arts Faculty. The festival runs between the 14th and the 23rd of May, organized by the Departament de Joventut de l'Ajuntament de Cartagena. Descargar el programa completo

Xarxaprod opens a debate about the value chain in the realm of the visual arts and the network of relations between the agents involved. (http://xarxaprod.cat)
December 10, 2009 at the TPK Artes Plásticas (Avda. Josep Tarradellas, 44. L'Hospitalet de Llobregat). Organized by: Xarxaprod.
16:30-17:45h- Presentation from the sector of scientific production: performance and relations between the active agents, by Reimond Fickert.

17:45-18:00h- Break. 18:00- 20:00h- Sustainablitiy in the sector of the Visual Arts looked at from its value chain and the necessary links for the system. Moderator: Francesca Minguella (PARTners). With the participation of: Daniel García Andújar, Alicia Vela, Ramon Parramon, Jorge Luis Marzo and Àngels de Mota.

Live online broadcasting by ComafoscaTV (http://comafoscatv.limpio)

Xarxaprod is a non-profit association. The members of the network are production spaces that offer resources, means and support to production processes in the field of artistic creation. Its objective is to support and promote initiatives, projects of contemporary creation, and its will is to be a public sercive.The relationship between the members is maintained through ethical principles of sustainability and reciprocity of relations. At present it counts with the following members:

iD Barrio. Social creativity, collective action and artistic practices.
International seminar + workshops | Calaf and Barcelona

iD Barrio | Calaf
Seminar: November 14 & 15, 2009.
Workshop Horitzó TV: November 6, 7 & 13, 2009.

iD Barrio | Barcelona
Seminar: November 27 & 28, 2009
Workshop  KUNSTrePUBLIK: November 30 - December 4, 2009
Workshop  Traces of Autism: November 30 - December 4, 2009

Registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Deadline: October 31 for Calaf seminar and workshop, and November 12 for Barcelona seminar and workshops.

iD Barrio is an iD#5 project that explores the idea of neighbourhood from an urban and extra-urban perspective through the relationship between social creativity, transformation of the environment and artistic practices. iD Barrio consists of three interrelated parts: a seminar, workshop, and exhibition. Developed between Calaf and Barcelona, iD Barrio allows setting the subject of neighbourhood in the context of small and medium cities in rural areas and in relation to the urban areas.

iD Barrio through the seminar of Calaf and Barcelona proposes that art can be an innovative factor in the processes of urban and social transformation, since it is capable of bringing to the surface latent social creativity and developing it through collective actions. The seminars ' participants are: Sergi Alegre, Amasté Collective, Daniel G. Andujar, Basurama Collective, Paola Di Bello, Viviana Bravo, Joan Caballol, Casal de Calaf, Hans D.Christ , Santiago Cirugeda, Francesca Comisso, Manuel Delgado, Iris Dressler, Paula González, Horitzó TV, LUL Collective, KUNSTrePUBLIK Collective, Fadhila Mammar, Josep-Maria Martín, Gary W. McDonogh, Francesc Muñoz, Oriol Nel.lo, Jose Luis Oyon, Martín di Peco, Martí Peran, Plataforma Tenim un Problema, Josep Puigpelat, Marta Ricart, Montserrat Santolino, Sin|studio Collective, Traces of Autism Collective, TUP Collective, Jordi Vidal, Loïc Wacquant .

The workshops will be led by HoritzoTV [Calaf] | KUNSTrePUBLIK Collective and Traces of Autism [Barcelona].

Who can participate: The seminars and workshops are open to artists, designers, architects, educators, cultural managers, sociocultural coordinators, socialworkers, students in sociology, anthropology, art, design, architecture, education, as well as to a public that lives and participates in neighbourhood projects. 

TUP- Universitat de Vic | ACVIC | iD#5

UNIVERSITAT DE VIC, ACVIC. ART CENTRE and IDENSITAT organize you to a public presentation of projects of the collective TUP (Trabajos de Utilidad Pública). The idea is to present an example of how, nowadays, projects of artistic nature that reflect on and intervene in the concerned social context are developed. The presentation also seeks to propose a discussion about the possible and impossible ways to create bridges between art and the city.

Pablo Cottet (sociologist from Chile, PhD in philosophy), member of TUP, will present the work of the collective (Trabajos de Utilidad Pública, Works of Public Utility). Tup is a collective formed by sociologists, architects and artists. Since 2005, it has been working together with the residents of two towns in Santiago de Chile: Jaime Eyzaguirre and Simon Bolivar, two neighbourhoods that were created as a result of “land squatting”. They have carried out a series of artistic projects that raise issues such as the revival of the historical memory of the neighbourhood or the accessibility of housing, among others.

Participants of the debate: Pablo Cottet, member of TUP, Laia Solé, artist and professor at the UVic and Ramon Parramon, director of Idensitat.

Thursday October 8, at 18h00 at the University of Vic, UVIC. Sagrada Familia, 7, 08500 VIC.
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - tel. 93 8853704

Presentation of projects.

TUP (Trabajos de Utilidad Pública) is a Chilean collective that researches about the correlations and disruptions between art and the city.
TUP is a working space where different interests and disciplines converge in order to observe and work in neighborhoods.

TUP-IDENSITAT-HANGAR invites you to get to know more about the work of this collective and discuss the possible and impossible means to create bridges between art and the city.

TUP is part of Idensitat #5 documentation projects. Pablo Cottet, member of TUP, is invited by IDENSITAT to do a residency in Barcelona, in the facilities of HANGAR. He will present and comment on various projects carried out in Chile.
Friday October 9, at 19h00 in HANGAR (Can Ricart, Passatge del Marquès de Santa Isabel, 40)

www.hangar.org www.tup.cl

IDENSITAT takes part in the workshop D.I.Y. Creative solutions for development. Studio D.I.Y. (Do it yourself) is a educational activity organized by the Centro Cultural Parque de España / AECID of Rosario(Argentina) framed within the ACERCA programme of the AECID, for training and education in the human resources areas of the cultural sector. The workshop runs between May 26 and 29 in the city of Rosario.


Estudio D.I.Y. is a horizontal training space built upon two work dynamics: Exhibition and public presentation of the 24 participating projects; and a workshop space to comment upon and resolve practical exercises raised by the participants. During the four day period the object of the workshop will be to analyze and widen the applications of media, creative tools and strategies, and innovation in cultural and artistic initiatives which contribute, directly or indirectly, to development(economic, social, cultural, human) as added value.

The educational team comprises Ali Ganjavian and Key Portilla Kawamura of Studio Banana, Vanesa Freixa of mOntayanes and Ramon Parramon of Idensitat. Participants in the workshop have been selected from a public call for works open to projects active in Latin America. Projects taking part in the meeting / workshop are:

Latin America
1. Hackademia, Hecto Caposiello, Chile
2. Taller de Audio del Centro Multimedia, Ezequiel Netri, México
3. Biblioteca Mariamulata Lectora, Carlos Aldana Vega, Colombia
4. Unidad Vecinal, Viviana Bravo, Chile
5. Casa Tomada, Luís Alejandro Mosquera, Colombia
6. Funarte, Nicaragua
7. Faina Moz Produçao Cultural e Artística, Felipe Arruda, Brasil
8. Sorpresa Caliente, Natalia Muñoz, Colombia
1. Estudio 13, Alejandra Hernández, Río Negro
2. Not made in China, Mariano Baqués, Buenos Aires
3. Lanas del Sur, Marina Villelabeitia, Chubut
4. Construir el Vacío, Verónica Mansilla,Tucumán
5. Germina Campos, Cintia Romero, Santa Fe
6. Brote Limial, Mariana Borovinsky, Buenos Aires
7. Fin de Mundo, Juan Pablo Andrade, Córdoba
8. Fundación Ph15, Cecilia Estalles, Buenos Aires
1. El Levante, Luján Castellani, Lorena Cardona
2. Wokitoki, Hugo Ojeda
3. Atypica, Guillermina Yguelman
4. Vodka Miel, Fabricio Caiazza
5. Club del Dibujo , Claudia del Rio
6. Club de Fun, Dardo Ceballos