AMASTÉ [Ricardo Antón, Txelu Balboa, Idota Azkorra, Frederico Javier Morino, Seba Domato]

DINAMIK(TT)AK is a summer camp for young adults of between 17 and 19 who are interested in following studies related to creative subjects, understanding creativity as a tool of action in social aspects beyond techniques of aesthetic representation. The main objective of the summer camp is to create a "bridge" between high school and further creative studies, initiating the participants in creative practice as a vehicle for action, participation, representation or social transformation beyond its aesthetic function related to skills and use of representational techniques. The purpose of the camp is to create a framework in which young adults can meet and debate about their interest and involvement in contemporary creation and applied creativity.

DINAMIK (TT) AK is an initiative of CASI TENGO 18, a program of participation, cultural and social action and non-formal education with teenagers promoted by synmarc and AMASTÉ. It is included in the program of Work camps of the Basque Government and has taken place for the last three years (2006-08) in Arteleku (public centre of art dependent on Gipuzkoa's Diputación Foral) during the second fortnight of July.