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Application deadline, 10 June 2022

REART ⇆ is a networked project for the promotion of artistic research involved in specific contexts, through three residences, a collective meeting-laboratory, and a digital archive of projects. It is promoted collaboratively by Idensitat, Casa Planas (Palma), La Escocesa (Barcelona) and Le BBB Centre d'Art (Toulouse) and is supported by the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion.


In this first phase of the project, REART ⇆ mounts a joint open call for three month-long artistic research residencies, in three specific locations but with a common thematic framework around the concept of "transperiphery".

Of the three residences, two are onsite: one in Barcelona, with the support of La Escocesa, and another in Palma de Mallorca, with the support of Casa Planas. The third takes place virtually, with the accompaniment of Idensitat. The projects carried out in these residencies must be completed before December 15, 2022 and will be published on the REART ⇆ digital platform.

After the residencies, there will be a joint 4-day meeting organised at the BBB Centre d'Art in Toulouse, which will take place in November 2022, on which the three selected projects must participate. This meeting is understood as a complementary part of the residency and will be organised as a collective laboratory space combining time for production and reflection with meetings with professionals, to promote the launch of the research projects once the residencies are completed.

All proposals for art projects and artistic and social mediation projects related to the suggested theme will be welcome, especially those which include local cultural actors, or those with a connection to the creative spaces where the residences will take place.

  • The La Escocesa residency will take into account the fact that the centre is a communitarian space, making use of its collective risography, ceramics and/or analogue photography workshops. The artist in residence will be supported and mentored during the development of their project by an artist from La Escocesa.
  • The Casa Planas residency will involve working with the photographic archive, as part of the 'Art Investigation Programme', a programme started in 2017 to innovate and renovate the archive, highlighting the importance of the professional figure of the artist as a researcher, and as a social outreach agent promoting heritage archives. More information about the Art Investigation Programme: More information about the Planas Archive:
  • The virtual residency will consider its formalisation in a web space, with the support and collaboration of Idensitat. In this case, the contextualisation of the project must be defined by the artist and open to the idea of exploring an “other space”, real or imaginary, specific or heterogeneous, natural or artificial, temporary or timeless, or other options that incorporate the proposed framework. Web space will be provided by the organisation.

2. Thematic framework

The projects are conceived as an opportunity to downshift, and to question the relationships between the centre (as a predictable space of control) and the periphery (as an uncertain space of disarray). The concept "transperipheral" allows us to develop the idea of traversing, overflowing, deactivating, or expanding, to project it beyond what is found inside and outside the opposing imaginaries of control/chaos, or essential/marginal. The creation and production spaces participating in REART ⇆ are aware of their location, and at the same time of their peripheral stance, both in relation to the urban context and to the artistic practices they promote.

The objective is to develop working processes in which residencies become an opportunity to rethink temporal and spatial displacement, while also advancing proposals that draw attention to the possibility of envisioning possible transgressions.

Who is it for?

This open call is addressed to individual candidates, specifically to those working in the fields of art, creation and contemporary thought, interested in research, formats of artistic residency, and learning in a different location.


The in-person residencies will take place at Casa Planas (Palma de Mallorca) and La Escocesa (Barcelona) for a period of one month. The third residence is conceived as a virtual or delocalised residence, which will take shape in a web space, allowing the introduction of an “other space" beyond physical attendance.

The three artists will take part in a joint laboratory to take place at the BBB centre d'art (Toulouse). This meeting is conceived as a collective space of confluence for the three micro-residencies, in order to consider the artistic projects, and to present them through distribution networks.

Selection process

The submission period for proposals ends on June 10th, 2022.

Submissions will be evaluated according to the documentation presented, and its relevance to the thematic framework of this open call. Projects will be selected by a joint committee which will include representatives from the four art centres in the REART ⇆ network. The committee’s decision will be unanimous, and final.

The final decision will be communicated at the beginning of July by email to each participant, and will also be posted on the websites of the REART ⇆ network centres.


  • October 3rd to November 3rd, 2022: Residency period at Casa Planas (Palma)
  • September 15th to October 15th, 2022: Residency period at La Escocesa (Barcelona)
  • October 3rd to November 3rd, 2022: Virtual residency period with Idensitat.
  • Mid-November 2022: A 4-day joint laboratory at the Le BBB art center in Toulouse.

Documentation to be included in submission

Proposals must be submitted in digital format using the specific form, filling out each of the fields and attaching a single document in PDF format, maximum 8Mb, that includes:

 1. - Summary of the proposal: Written document which sets out an advance description of the project with its basic lines, indicating a methodology and a working schedule (maximum 1 page).

  2. Expanded proposal: Written document, which may include visual information, in which those aspects that are considered most important for the understanding and explanation of the project are further developed (maximum 2 pages).

  3. Dossier of previous works: A selection of 5 recent projects realised by the applicant, which serves to contextualise, and to facilitate understanding of, the project. (Maximum 6 pages)

 4. Curriculum vitae: It is recommended that applicants focus on aspects of their work which bear relevance to this open call (maximum 1 page).


Awarding of fees

The three selected proposals will each be provided with the following resources:

  • For the three residencies, 1,750 euros for fees and to cover expenses.
  • For the Barcelona and Mallorca residencies, grants will be provided for accommodation, travel assistance (limited to 150 euros) and workspace.
  • For the virtual residence, web space and hosting fees.
  • For the three selected artists in each residency, accommodation, travel assistance (limited to 150 euros) and daily expenses for participation in the Laboratory-meeting in Toulouse.

Artists should consult each participating art centre’s website for information on specific available resources, such as activities, workshops, services and equipment, that may be necessary in the development of each project. Further information on local resources or organisations may be obtained by writing directly to these institutions, using their usual means of contact.

All documentation generated by this open call will be filed. The projects presented, and the works developed, will remain the property of the artist. The REART ⇆ network (Idensitat, Casa Planas, La Escocesa, Le BBB art centre) may reproduce and distribute, either through online or paper publications, the whole or part of the schedule, the dossiers of presented projects, and/or or materials obtained from work processes or public presentations, always citing the respective artists.

Terms and conditions

As part of their residency, each selected artist must make a public presentation in the form of an event, a workshop, or else stage an activity within a broader working process. In addition, they must generate content that may be digitised, and that will form part of the REART ⇆ website.

Artists selected from the open call must agree to the following conditions:

1. Artists chosen for the in-person residencies will be present at the corresponding art centre - Casa Planas and La Escocesa – during the dates set for their residency. Unjustified absence by the artist may result in the cancellation of the residency.

2. For the virtual residency, the artist selected must undertake to develop their project in coordination with Idensitat, establishing spaces for tracking and opening up the process throughout the project, as well as publicly presenting work through a virtual event.

3. All selected artists must attend the meeting organised by the BBB art centre in Toulouse in November. Promoting organisations will bear the costs of travel and accommodation.

4. In all cases, projects started during the residency must be completed before December 15th, 2022.

5. Selected artists must give mention and credit to the REART ⇆ project, the arts centre where their residency has taken place, and the 'Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion' whenever a public activity is publicised or carried out within the context of the project.

6. Should an artist need to cancel their participation in the residency due to extenuating circumstances, they must inform the institution as soon as possible in advance.

7. Please note that residencies do not include any type of insurance. Artists taking up their residence are advised to seek appropriate insurance on their own account and make their own arrangements.

Information on data protection

In accordance with the constitutional law 3/2018, dated December 5th, regarding data protection, personal data provided will be incorporated and processed in the “REART_OPENCALL2022” file in order to manage it. You may exercise your rights to access, correct, cancel, and raise objections to the handling of, these data in accordance with the conditions provided under current legislation, using the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Acceptance of terms and conditions
Artists should be aware that applying for this open call implies full acceptance of the above terms and conditions.


Information about REART ⇆ centres

> Idensitat is an arts project which experiments with a variety of ways of constructing social space, functioning as a system that incorporates other projects, actions or processes that extend through a number of contexts. It promotes composite strategies for realising activities that combine research, production, educational actions and collaborative dynamics.

> La Escocesa, Barcelona is a factory of creation managed by the participating community who comprise its association. It meets the needs of artists in various phases of their career, offering workspaces and resources for the development of projects.

> Casa Planas, Palma de Mallorca, is a centre for research and contemporary culture. It is an independent factory of creation dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary contexts for creation, experimentation, research, and production. It has a sizable photographic archive on the history of tourism with more than 3 million uncatalogued images, activated through socially impactful residencies and projects.

> BBB Centre d'Art, Toulouse is both a structure dedicated to artistic creation, and a platform for resources, training, and professional support for artists. Since its creation, it has shown its commitment to contemporary art by disseminating artistic and social critical reflections, working with individuals and organisations within its area of influence, while also encouraging a greater diversification in its audiences.