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Fanzine in the framework of Transversal Aesthetics - Leisure ecosystems
Idensitat + Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Huarte, 2018- 2019

No man's land by alfonso borragán's is part of the project TRANSVERSAL AESTHETICS - LEISURE ECOSYSTEMS driven by Idensidad and the Center for Contemporary Art of Huarte in 2018 - 2019. The project addresses the concept of contemporary leisure as case of study, and generator of specific topics, activities, landscapes, aesthetics and spaces of relationship, from artistic practices, educational environments and social spaces.

The project No man's Land explores the game and the ritual as temporary forms of relationship with the river, being technologies capable of creating an order of its own for its participants, temporarily re-inhabiting a forgotten space.

The fanzine No man's land collects the work experience done by the artist alfonso borragan in the artistic residency activated by idensity and Huarte Center in 2018 and 2019, where in June 2019 a series of public actions have been carried out in the context of the Arga River.

NO MAN'S LAND / ARGA. Download publication

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