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Dramaturgia "Turia el loco"
Claudia Campos y Claudio Burguez / Estéticas Transversales - Ecosistemas de ficción 2020-2021

Claudia Campos and Caludio Burguez / February - May 2021

In 1957, the river Turia lost its head and burst its banks; it caused extreme breakages and deaths. It was immediately classified as insane, was subjected to trial, found guilty, and was finally sentenced to banishment, to exile. As in Ray Bradbury's novel The Martian Chronicles, Turia the Mad River is the meeting of two generations who have seen (and perhaps still see) two different things from the same vantage point. This is a trans-disciplinary research project that seeks dialogue, critical thought and collective production. If the river is a memory, the blending of these inter-generational stories represents a current of fondness, a flow that returns to form a new ecosystem of communication, with its distant banks and its bridges. 

In addition to the poetry in The Martian Chronicles, there is an obvious political implication throughout the book; and just as in Ray Bradbury’s tale, the project soars above human arrogance and the overbearing nature of humanity’s monumental projects. We understand this vision as absolutely relevant, considering the socio-political context in which the river Túria was diverted after the great flood of 1957.

This comparison, together with inter-generational activities of shared production, offers the opportunity to work on a poetic-political project that fictionalises the "past" and "present" of a river. 

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