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SOUNDS OF OUR CITIES is a project based upon research and knowledge transfer between art, technology and social space. The resulting exhibitions include sound art projects developed in two cities, the Krottegem district in Roeselare (Belgium) and the Sant Andreu district in Barcelona, mounting a critical reflection upon cultural identity in relation to community and silence. Artistic practice is here understood as a means of combining active public involvement in collective creative processes, contextualised research, shared learning, knowledge exchange, and socialisation of processes and results. Based upon memories and remembrances, the projects, produced in on-site or remote residencies, offer a fictional landscape for other realities or experiences, other voices, new cities which are not so remote from the cartographic territories that we understand as real and existing.

What's behind that silence? It is the exhibition arising from Sounds of our citieswhich has been seen in Roeselare and Barcelona through an expanded exhibition with toursactivations and projections > More information


The exhibition includes the projects carried out in residence in Barcelona and in Roeselare of: Donia Jourabchi, with the participation in the workshop of Natalia Domínguez, Aleix Plademunt, Wingel Gilberto, Anna Recasens, Sofía Balbontín, Matthias Neumann, Sena Aydin, Yolanda de los Bueis, Jordina Roca, Christos Papasotiriou and Carolina de la Cajiga; Zsofia Szonja; Raphael Daibert; In-Dialog Collective, with the participation of José Pablo Parra and Mila von Chobiak from the Master of Sound Art (UB); Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy (after the residency in Barcelona); Martí Madaula; Banu Çiçek Tülü; John Grzinich; Dynamische Akustische Forschung (Dynamic Acoustic Research), Marta Azparren and Pablo Martín Jones (after the residency in Roeselare), and students from the master’s degree course in Sound Art (UB) hosted by Josep Cerdà, Josep Manuel Berenguer and Antonio Alcalde, the master’s degree course in Research in Art and Design (Eina-UAB), and the Creation Workshop course, part of the degree in Fine Arts (UB), participating in the Voices project (part of the curatorial research).

Includes Idensitat’s project Voices through a number of workshops. As part of the master’s degree course in Sound Art (UB), with Josep Cerdà, Pedro Alcale, Esteybi Beleño, Eduardo Caballero, Lupino Caballero, Pau Capdevila, Efraín Constantino, Miguel Ángel Fernández, Miguel García, Marina Hervás, Jobke, Jonathan Noveron, Macarena Solervicens, Claudia Torán and Clàudia Vives-Fierro. As part of the master’s degree course in Art and Design Research (Eina-UAB),  with Jaqueline Arango, Jordi Blasi, Yushan Li, Roger Monfort, Xiaoyi Qu, Asunción Recabarren - Esperanza Grez - Sofía Carrere, Raúl Rocha, Ge Song, Sijie Sun, Yujia Tian, Xichen Wang, Xingyi Wang, Shuohan Zeng and Cuixi Zhang. As part of the 3rd year degree course in Fine Arts (UB), with Roc Andrés, Adonis Antonioi, Diogo Alves, Alejandro Díaz Feijoo, Claudia Fernandez, Helena Pons, Rubén Sánchez, Elena Serrano, Luke-Antony Walker, Genís Salvatella and Laura Sofía Santander.