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Art Public. Calaf 99-00. Projects, debates and videos.
An exhibition presented of the projects selected in the international call for proposals by the town of Calaf in July 1999. The common theme of all these works was the reflection on public art, and they proposed interventions in the specific public space of Calaf, embracing social and cultural factors characteristic of the town.

The exhibition travelled to Barcelona to help strengthen links between the two places and to encourage possible future programmes promoting contemporary creation in the public space.

La Capella staged a detailed exhibition of the three projects selected: Museum of Remembrances, by Eva Brunner-Szabo /Gert Tschögl; Public telephone, by Jordi Martorell and Public money by Francesc Vidal. Art Public.

Calaf 99-00 also included a season of debates and video showings under the title Context-Place, aimed at exploring,extending and questioning concepts of public art with reference to experiences in other contexts and at different historic moments.

This books closes the last stage of Art Públic Calaf, developed between 1999-2000.

Art públic. Calaf 99-00. Projectes, debats, vídeos

Eva Brunner-Szabo/GertTschögl
Jordi Martorell
Francesc Vidal
Atsuko Arai
Laura Calvi/Michael Fernandes
José M. García/Alberto Lomas
Gemma Graells/Ana Sabina
Gemma Nogueroles
Lluís Torrens