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Collectives in Atomised Time. Naeem Mohaiemen + Doug Ashford, Idensitat 2006
This book publishes the work developed by Visible Collective among 2004 and 2006. It publishes also a series of works carried out by Material Group among ends of the 80 medium y of the 90 of them. It consist in a conversation between Naeem Mohaiemen from Visible Collective and Dug Ashford from Group Material.

The conversation between Naeem Mohaiemen and Doug Ashford maintains a wide-ranging scrutiny of many questions arising from the use of art as political praxis. A conversation that, in its beginnings, posed questions about the diffuse limits between art, journalism and activism. And all in all, in the context of an artistic market where collective practise is perfectly assumed, and in certain cases encouraged. The time separating the work developed by two different collectives, Group Material and Visible Collective, through a dialogue between two of the members, derives its relevance from serving as an open, inexhaustible debate on the subject of contemporary artistic practise.

Autor: Naeem Mohaiemen
Introduction: Ramon Parramon
Group Material: Doug Ashford, Julie Ault, Felix-Gonzales Torres
Visible Collective: Naeem Mohaiemen, Anandaroop Roy, Jee-Yun Ha, Donna Golden, Aimara Lin, Vivek Bald, JT Nimoy, Kristofer Dan-Bergman, Sehban Zaidi, Anjali Malhotra, Ibrahim Quraishi, Aziz Huq, Sarah Olson, Toure Folkes.
Cover image: Fred Askew

Language: english. Translations: catalan and spanish
ISBN: 9 788461 27 1306 - Editor : IDENSITAT

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Collectives in Atomised Time