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HOME AWAY. Art in the social space. Idensitat, 2009
This book summarises the production and documentation projects carried out in the 4th edition of Idensitat between 2007 and 2009 including a series of dialogues among different artists, educators, cultural managers and experts on related subjects.

Home / Away is the title of Idensitat’s fourth edition, which gathered together a series of projects carried out in middle-sized towns (Manresa and Mataró) and small towns in rural areas (Calaf and Priorat). These four towns belong respectively to the outskirts of Barcelona and its extended metropolitan area, and hence they are within the urban territory whose capital is Barcelona.

This edition also included a number of projects which had taken part in Idensitat as documentary projects, since they had previously been carried out in other places such as Tirana, Johannesbourg, Liverpool, New York, Rome, Seville and Bilbao.

All the projects that took part in this edition (iD#4) are shown as study cases exemplifying  types of creative practices developed in specific places to explore the relationship between the local fact and the circumstances of the visitor who analyses, represents or gets involved in the context.

Texts and dialogues: Lucía Acedo, Atsuko Arai, Fernanda Arandia, Katleen Arthern, Doug Ashford, Monika Bálint, Llorenç Bonet, Deborah Cullen, Santiago Cirugeda, Pedro Dias, Nicolás Dumit Estévez, Oriol Fontdevila, Paul Galindo, Daniel García Andújar, Ophélie Herranz, Terry Kurgan, Verónica Mansilla, Gaspar Maza, Dara McGrath, Carlos Mínguez, Naeem Mohaiemen, Alicia Murría, Carme Nogueira, Ramon Parramon, Roc Parés, Pripublikarrak, Recetas Urbanas, Octavi Rofes, Stefano Romano, Jaron Rowan, Kenneth Russo, Aida Sánchez de Serdio, David Sandoval, Sans Façon, Joana Sarmiento, Sinapsis, Katlin Soós, Stalker, Rosanna Vitiello, Visible Collective, What If: Projects ltd.

ISBN: 9788461369331

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