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E-SPACE | Ailleurs
A workshop by Josep-Maria Martín, “When You're Surfing and a Tsunami Washes Over You”
From 17th until 19th May, 2017
MasterLab habiter l’anthropocène,
in collaboration with  IDENSITAT and Fàbra i Coats Fàbrica de Creació

The Ailleurs workshop, “When You're Surfing and a Tsunami Washes Over You” is artist Josep-Maria Martín's project for the "MasterLab Habiter l'Antropocène",  project of educational innovation organised by the Paris Special School of Architecture. The workshop forms part of IDENSITAT's  E-SPACE programme, which promotes workshops which experiment with urban social space, in collaboration with the Fabra i Coats Fàbrica de Creació.

The workshop considers the impact which an interruption or an unpredictable occurrence may have upon people's lives, and offers resources and tools for use in a number of situations in which people have no control over space. After Josep María Martín's introduction to the workshop in Paris during the month of April, students worked on the ideas of the body and its fragility, as well as its strength and its energy, and its ability to develop protective strategies in the face of danger.

Based upon a series of models related to nature and life, organic structures, developed from architectural and artistic concepts, were taken as a model, structures which explore the solutions to questions such as; what structures generate these protective strategies, and which are metaphors which take us back to the concept of weaving, mesh, cocoon, or protective web?

From 17th until 19th May 2017 at Fabra i Coats Fàbrica de Creació, from 10 am until 6 pm
Reserve places at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Workshop objectives:
- Experimenting with artistic practices and their strategies of intervention in society's consolidated structures
- Generating dynamic reflections upon collaborative art which affects citizens and artists.
- Giving out tools to participants for putting into practice projects centred upon the ideas of process, investigation, participation, involvement and negotiation.
- Becoming aware of the body, and its strength and fragility.
- Attempting an answer to the questions, how do we invent a thing, and why do we invent it?

Josep-Maria Martín
Artist and lecturer, with many international exhibitions and projects under his belt. He has taught classes in art, design and architecture at a number of universities, and on a regular basis at HEART École des Beaux Arts in Perpignon (2001 – 2015), and at Geneva's Haute École d'Art et Design (2004-2014). He is a visiting lecturer at Paris's MasterLab Habiter L'Anthropocène, École Speciale d'Architecture (ESA).
Josep-Maria Martín's artistic projects impact upon society's consolidated structures, gaining access to them through their fragmentations, and proposing new intervention strategies. He is interested in art which goes far beyond the field of aesthetics. With a subjective and reflexive intention, he questions and criticises the reality in which he has decided to work. His projects are centred upon the ideas of process, investigation, participation, involvement and negotiation; permitting other invited collaborators to be incorporated into the projects, collaborators who, in each case, become veritable generators of a common project.
The character of his practice, his desire to leave space for others, the importance he gives to the joint task, has brought him to focus attention upon the constellation formed by subjectivity, intersubjectivity and otherness. His investigations lead him to actively practice, broaden and consider the relationship between art and action. This is why performative practices are central in his workshops, which place special emphasis upon the presence of bodies in space (object, installation, sound-making device, gesture, etc.).