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Who Cares? is a cooperation project focusing on care practices. It is made up of 5 organisations dedicated to artistic production from different latitudes in Europe: Idensitat (Barcelona, Spain), SPACE (London, United Kingdom), Rupert (Vilnius, Lithuania), Grey Area (Korcula, Croatia) and Centro Huarte (Navarra, Spain).

Over the next two years, we will work on a common project to explore new ways in which to engage our audiences, incorporating care practices in the infrastructure and programmes of  our respective organisations. 

Care is a major thread in our project that runs through the concerns and challenges currently facing each of these entities. Who Cares? understands care as a joint responsibility towards our communities, both local and global to which we address our activity as artistic production organisations. It seeks to devise spaces for dialogue, establishing processes capable of expanding the impact of artistic practices in actions of the social space, under the premise of imagining possible futures and presents collectively where mutual care and care for our environment are placed in the foreground.

All activities and generated resources during this project will be uploaded here:

whocares IG Post Care verde
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whocares Instagram Post 1A5

Who Cares? will be led by Centro Huarte as one of the selected projects within the European Cooperation Projects 2020 call of Creative Europe programme.