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Coffee & Care
WHO CARES? / 2021-2022

As part of the creative evaluation and research process in the Who Cares? project, the Coffee & Care sessions form an alternative venue, separate from the team’s working sessions, creating a place for "us", with no agenda beyond having a casual chat.

Starting in a time of lockdown, when there was no possibility of meeting in person, the Coffee & Care sessions have served to bond us and strengthen our work together. Any partner of the project may organise one of these sessions, based upon a particular theme, or with no objective other than spending time together, or sharing a few ideas in the moment.

So far, we have spoken about renewal and transformation, about identity and how to establish links between remote points; about the body, and how to resist in moments of crisis; we speak about vacations, and about summer songs that have been played all over Europe; we have also talked about war and conflicts, and how art is a universal language that connects us.

Who cares? is based on an inclusive, equitable and transformative practice, establishing a solid partnership that nourishes a cycle of continuous improvement. In this sense, Who Cares? deploys a reciprocal collaborative process that goes beyond production, considering the artistic field as an agent of change, and paying attention to the people and institutions that form part of this field.

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More info:

Who? Cares is a cooperative project focused on practices related to mutual care and art. It is made up of 5 organisations dedicated to artistic production from different parts of Europe: Idensitat (Barcelona, ​​​​Spain), SPACE (London, United Kingdom), Rupert (Vilnius, Lithuania), Grey Area (Korcula, Croatia) and the Centro Huarte (Navarra, Spain).