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Workshop Reviewing and expanding a situated mediation 
WHO CARES? / 2021-2022

DATES June 15, 2021
PARTICIPANTS 22 people onsite, 20 people online among artists, mediators, cultural workers, social scientists, teachers

A training session by Idensitat and the Centro Huarte, part of AMECUM’s  Rehacer y expandir la mediación cultural. Nuevas prácticas para un nuevo marco cultural programme (June 15, 2021).

On this day, participants were invited to consider what would be the best practices for horizontal and plural mediation, from the perspectives of art and visual languages. What strategies and ways of making art would influence the internal relationship modes within projects in general? Mediation is understood as a shared process, which is not only relevant to the relationship between artistic spaces and their surroundings, but which also affects work teams, as well as the links and communication which are generated around them. 

Mediation was considered along three intersecting lines; internal mediation, attending to what each organisation, and each person within these organizations, share in common, as well as their differences and peculiarities; opportunities for listening and assistance for work in the digital media, which increasingly requires consideration and design of new strategies due to the extension of use; the creation of participatory environments to consolidate communities, centring projects upon people, their bodies and their needs and desires, generating environments where we meet each other, take care of each other and build affective relationships. Participation in the workshop was by in-person and virtual attendance.

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A publication, “Reviewing and expanding cultural mediation”, emerged from this cycle of activities directed by AMECUM, with the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and the collaboration of the CRA – Matadero Madrid Artistic Residency Centre.