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Documentary screening + debate
iDensitat + Xeito Fole

Voices LGTBI+ is a documentary about migration and mobility because of sexual identities. A collected series of interviews with people who find themselves as refugees, or who have been forced to migrate from their countries for reasons of gender or sexual identity. This work has been developed in collaboration between iDensitat and Xeito Fole, based on Xeito’s militant activism, and his personal link with the LGTBI+ group.

Throughout various sessions, the different "voices" reflect on the displacements, boundaries, borders and the political and social precariousness, which they have encountered in their places of origin, as well as on their journeys, and in their current places of residence. This document expresses cultural and political activism, and the fact of belonging, or not, to the collective networks that allow this activism to be channeled. The protagonists, who tell these narrations are, or have been, linked to the association Acathi. Some of them have requested to offer their testimony without publicizing their own identities.

VOICES is a documentary by iDensitat and Xeito Fole, with the collaboration of Natxo Medina, a part of NEXES, a project by Idensitat project which explores the relationships between limits, connections and precariousness which are generated in neighbourhood contexts. It deploys processes of analysis and creative action to contribute to transgressing those limitations imposed by vulnerability, as well as to construct links between ideas, people and different areas of the city.

The documentary has been presented in two open activities:

Veus LGTBI Pobla Vallbona web
12h screening with students from High Scohol La Vereda, House of Culture of La Pobla de Vallbona, Valencia
17h screening at the Social Center of La Pobla de Vallbona. Session open to the general public, with a discussion with the participation of Xeito Fole and IDENSITAT, authors of the documentary, and Noemí Morales, of the LGTBI MIRROR group, Camp del Turia.

Screening with third-year ESO students from La Vereda Public Institute in La Pobla de Vallbona. As part of the awareness activities of the equality area of ​​the municipality of La Pobla de Vallbona, Idensitat and Xeito Fole participate in an educational action where the documentary is projected and the situation and causes of the LGTBI + political refuge are addressed.

Within the framework of the same collaboration, the documentary is projected in an open forum with the participation of Xeito Fole, transfeminist visual artist and one of the authors of the documentary, Roser Colomar, project coordinator of Idensitat, authors of the documentary, and Noemí Morales, member of the Espejo Camp del Turia collective, the LGTBI + association of the context where the activity is located.


VEUS la pobla 01
VEUS la pobla 02
VEUS la pobla 06
VEUS la pobla 03
VEUS la pobla 04
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VEUS Macba 01 CAST
6.11.2018 a les19.00h
Auditori Convent del Angels
MACBA Centre d’Estudis i Documentació
Plaça del Àngels, 8 08001 Barcelona

Presentation of the documentary VOICES LGTBI+

After the showing of VOICES, a debate will take place on the themes addressed in the film. Issues such as borders, which must be forcibly crossed in order to come to terms with, and to defend, a non-prescriptive sexual or gender identity; the situations of vulnerability which people face as a result of current migration and asylum policies, as well as their presence as political subjects in public space. Social limits or individual and collective achievement will be discussed in this activity, which seeks to create alliances in a context of social struggle, with concerns of a more cultural nature.

Florence Brizuela, PhD in Law and Political Science from the University of Barcelona, a researcher on human rights and post-colonial feminism, and Lucia Egaña, artist and transfeminist writer, part of the academic direction of MACBA’s Independent Studies Programme, and member of the, the Reial Arxiu Sudaca, and the Cooperativa de Técnicas collectives, will participate in this debate. Some protagonists in VOICES will also take part. The debate will be moderated by Xeito Fole, visual artist and trans-feminist and antispeciesist activist, invited by Idensitat to take part in the NEXES project.

VEUS Macba 01 02 br




LGTBI + VEUS, CULTURAL ACTIVISM, POLITICAL ACTIVISM AND TRANSLOCAL MOBILITY is presented in collaboration with Barcelona City Council and MACBA, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona.NEXES is supported by the ART FOR CHANGE 2017 programme from La Caixa Bank Foundation, the Fabra i Coats Creation Factory Project Nursery, and by the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Department of Culture.

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