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La Escocesa and Idensitat are mounting an open call for individual or collective artistic research projects, to be carried out throughout 2022. One proposal will be selected, which will be granted a fee of € 5,000 gross, expandable to € 6,000 in the event of collectives.

Nexes Ciutat is a collaborative project between Idensitat and La Escocesa, proposing a line of artistic research that explores the transformations and new imaginaries which influence the reshaping of contemporary public space. Aware of the growing context of social dislocation and the redefinition of spaces for common interaction, we are interested in exploring elements related to the public right to the city, to culture and/or democracy, while also reviewing values such as the right to respect, dignity or cohabitation based on diversity; concepts that appeal to the idea of ​​a diverse community built from connections, links, interactions or intersubjective relationships.

The purpose of this call is to support individual or collective artistic research- and experimentation-based projects, framed within the reshaping of contemporary public space, and adapted to Idensitat’s research strands, and La Escocesa’s mission brief, to be performed throughout 2022.

Research and experimentation projects are defined as those that emphasise the process, rather than the production of the work. For example, proposals that provoke dynamics of collective practice and critical thinking, that envision new art-based methodologies, or that make use of a process of trial and error.

Any person or group who meets the conditions of these rules may respond to the open call, without restrictions on age, country of origin, or a specific professional career. The 1st phase will be open until April 15, 2022. All the information regarding the selection process, terms and conditions and the necessary documentation to be provided may be found in the form on this page.

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The application process consists of two phases. In the first phase, applicants should provide a brief general description of the project on the form on the same page as this open call. After the due date for receipt of applications has elapsed, between 5 and 10 proposals will be selected to advance to the second phase. These applicants will be granted an extended period to work on their proposals before the final selection, at which time, a final decision will be made.

In both phases, the documentation must be gathered in a single PDF, and sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the subject "Nexes Ciutat research project".



SELECTED PROJECT: C.A.S.A. by Isabel Viana and Melissa Caminha

C.A.S.A is a programme of meeting/workshops about community film with diaspora communities in
Barcelona. Its objective is to examine the histories and operations of two cultural spaces led by women
artists, either first- or second-generation immigrants, who are contributing in the transformation of the
city’s cultural dynamics. In addition, the project carries out workshops in performing arts, care-focused
activities and festive gatherings to celebrate life, diversity and diverse re-existences. The workshops attempt to explore the imaginary surrounding symbologies of house and home, based upon participants’ experiences, while also investigating how these imaginaries materialise in the culture of the city, through spaces for cultural, care and artistic creation.
With this project, the collective aims to contribute to the registration, archive and memory of diaspora groups claiming their right to the city, and their cultural rights, through the arts, through a process that will include research and creative workshops, leading to the production of a short film (documentary and/or fictional), focusing on caring practices, and the construction of ludic and community links.

Melissa Caminha
I am a mother-clown, art educator and transdisciplinary researcher. I was initiated as a clown while studying the Degree in Performing Arts. I have a Master's and Doctorate in Arts and Education, from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, where I wrote the thesis "Clowns: Stories, bodies and ways of representing the clown from a gender perspective", based upon art and feminist-queer-crip theory. I completed a postdoctoral study as a visiting researcher at the School of Sociology and Social Policy, at the University of Leeds, where I was able to continue researching the clown, now from an intersectional and decolonial approach. I am currently a teacher in the degree course in Performing Arts at the ERAM University School (UdG), where I coordinate various subjects such as circus, clown and applied performing arts, among others. I also collaborate as a teacher in the master's degree in Cultural Management at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

Isabel Viana
I am a proponent of therapeutic and community artistic experiences. My professional career is linked to the Arts in the participatory context, since I entered the Performing Arts degree, in 2002. I have coordinated several Applied Arts projects, in @giramundoap together with other artists, in the Brazilian Amazon and other places. I studied a master's degree in Combined Artistic Languages at UNA (Buenos Aires), and completed a Postgraduate degree in Art Therapy. My approach to Therapeutic Arts begins in 2012, and since then I have developed creative practices in the therapeutic and psychiatric fields. I am a psychology student, and I advance theoretical and practical research on what I call a BIOPOETIC ACT, an artistic act that calls for the construction of a creative state of mind as a vital condition, which makes it possible to reconstruct autobiographical and re-existence stories. I coordinate training at the @clube_da_terapia_expressiva and collaborate with the master’s degree in Psycho-expressive Therapies at the IASE Institute (Spain).

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