Wokshop with Donia Jourabchi

Urban exploration: Sonic experience and physicality of sound / Situated sonic practice / Acoustic territoriality.
2, 9, 16th. December of 2020

On-line and face to face workshop. Will be held in english
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How do you listen to a place? What makes the experience of this place specific? Can you extract it with sound? Sound is a powerful tool that gives us a sense of place. Once it is located, it is experienced, it defines the space that we are listening to, as the moment where it is taking place. Once captured it resonates with that place. The way we listen is composed of different levels of attention. According to a certain situation, we will develop different modes of listening. That means that listening is context-dependent, and that it is an active participation of our attention. In this urban exploration, we focus on the mediation between sound, body and space as a dynamic filter of physical properties into specific sonic qualities. The sounds we can hear and the sounds we make, as well as the recorders, microphones and loudspeakers are here the means to articulate effects of sound in space.

During this workshop, the participants will develop a work that defines their own expression of site-specificity when exploring an abandoned place of their choice in Barcelona. After an introduction that will exemplify situated approaches and practices in the field of sound, the participants will be asked to do a series of experiments on site. They will reflect on its social context and history. But also use the architecture in its current situation as an instrument and a condition for their sound exploration. Each work will progressively merge into another during the process of the workshop. The idea here is to  build up awareness in how we experience and understand particular places in our city that remain unused or silent. The collected materials, the sonic experiences will play with different modes of sonic appropriation of these abandoned places.

Donia Jourabchi, Iranian, born in Brussels, sound explorer, leads this workshop as part of her project Transound, within the framework of the international residencies programme Sounds of Our Cities. Her main focus is the movement of sound, body and space. The artist develops experimental approaches towards a spatial practice of sound.
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The result will be presented during the exhibition of Sound of Our Cities in the form of a sound collage as a collective outcome that links together contextual elements, thoughts and narratives. 


 - No specific technical knowledge or background in sound is required. Anyone interested in urban exploration and sound is welcome.

- No specific sound recording and reproduction equipment is needed. You can use your mobile for sound recording and a small speaker for playback

- You must participate in all online sessions and individual meetings.


 1st week of December

> 12/02/2020 Group meeting from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. led by artist Donia Jourabchi:

- Introduction and presentation

- Instructions: to choose a place and to think of exploration strategies.

> Individual meeting no. 1 (~ 1 hour, to be arranged with artist Donia Jourabchi)

- Individual session (or in a small group) to work on each participant’s ideas and to give instructions for the recordings and interventions in situ.

> In situ exploration no. 1 (~ 1/2 day, free activity for the participants):

- Sound explorations outside and inside architecture. (Individually or in small groups)

2nd week of December

 Collect materials: - recordings, documentation, images, sketches, stories

> 12/09/2020 Group meeting no. 2 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. led by artist Donia Jourabchi

> Individual meeting no. 2 (~ 1 hour to coordinate with artist Donia Jourabchi)

> In situ exploration no. 2 (~ 1/2 day, free activity for the participants)

3rd week of December

Discussion and review of explorations

> 12/16/2020 Group meeting no. 3 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. led by Donia Jourabchi


  • Workshop taught in English
  • A selection of 10 people will be made per workshop. These people will receive a link each week to be able to attend both group and individual meetings.
  • An online folder will also be used to share the materials worked on

Donia Jourabchi Bio 
Iranian, born in Brussels, sound explorer. Her main focus is the movement of sound, body and space. She develops experimental approaches towards a spatial practice of sound. Sonic states as a potential mechanism to connect the social to the physical space in order to reject aesthetic conformity. Questioning the place of the body in the lived environment , and  finding out ways to cultivate community with a shared and dynamic understanding of space and presence. She explores places and situations in order to activate unknown terrains in the sensorial common space by designing site specific strategies. 

Workshop organized by IDENSITAT in the framework of Sounds of Our Cities.