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Master's degree in Research in Design and Art (Eina-UAB)

Glossary of Peripheral Spaces is an archive of projects created in the educational context based upon exploratory walking tours and visual and sound recordings, which are formalised through the interaction between text, image and sound.

Based on the workshop realised as part of the master's degree course in Research in Art and Design (Eina-UAB), which includes works by Jaqueline Arango, Jordi Blasi, Yushan Li, Roger Monfort, Xiaoyi Qu, Asunción Recabarren - Esperanza Grez - Sofia Carrere, Raúl Rocha, Ge Song, Sijie Sun, Yujia Tian, Xichen Wang, Xingyi Wang, Shuohan Zeng, Cuixi Zhang.

MARGINAL / Jordi Blasi

VOICES Marginal JordiBlasi





I saw an old, white, flaking wall. The graffiti were exposed after the walls had lost some of their paint. Then I thought that maybe, over time, this graffiti will gradually fall off, and then the next layer of wall covering will be exposed, and the next layer of covering will fall off and continue to reveal the next layer of graffiti.... We don't know where the point of origin is.
Just like the "Tong Tong" sound we hear under the bridge. Some people may think it is the sound of a train, while others will think it is the sound of a car pressing at full speed on the bridge deck. Under the bridge, you cannot really know where the sound is coming from.


 THE FENCE / Ge Song

 Vi cercas en muchos lugares del camino. La cerca es una especie de aislamiento espacial y también una especie de aislamiento entre personas. Creo que la cerca es solo un medio, la línea divisoria entre el espacio público y el espacio privado.



 RESILIENCE - GEOMETRY - SYMBIOSIS - CONQUEST - RHYTHM - SYNCRETISM / Asunción Recabarren - Esperanza Grez - Sofia Carrere



VOICES Roger Monfort

The image is representative of the project not only because it addresses the three base concepts, but also because it is a print that shows the transformation processes, the adaptations and the different relationships between concepts, as well as how the glossary itself has been changing.

Material - Intangible: How to represent materiality through sound? This simple exercise already places the material and the intangible on the same plane. Trying to generate sound content that deals with this relationship with the peripheral materialities (tangible or not), becomes the main approach of this glossary.

History - Prejudice. These concepts deal with the previously mentioned relation of these satellite towns annexed to Barcelona. In this case, we are looking for material evidence of the historical links with the capital which marked the growth of the peripheral towns. The analysis of this history, and of their materiality, aims at the same time to reveal existing prejudices regarding the areas with an informal urbanisation separated from the historical centres of the city. In this sense, materiality will be used as a common and transversal agency between any area or part of history belonging to the realised dérives. This conciliatory aspect of the project, between the more central areas and the suburbs, becomes even stronger when it comes to sound, which is capable of interacting with the audience in a neutral way and without carrying with it a label.

 Preservation - Survival. The last group of concepts included in the project are based on the distinction between those elements which tell the story of Sant Joan Despí. On the one hand, we have those deliberately preserved, which have narrative relevance allowed by the cultural conventions. On the other hand, we find those that have survived the passage of time, being only "remnants" of those years, although they are certainly more sincere than the former.

川(CHUAN) / Xichen Wang

The word "chuan" means river or waterway. In Chinese, there is an idiom called 川流不息(CHUAN LIU BU XI). It literally means to flow like a river without stopping, and by extension can be used to describe many people or vehicles, such as Torre Baró, a transportation hub. Also, I chose this concept because I saw many blue and green elements on the road, which felt a strong contrast to the surrounding desolation.

CONTINUATION / Shuohanm Zeng

 The word continuation means to leave things as they are. The photos show the continuation of the road, the continuation of the car's path, and the continuation of life.



VOICES Yushan Li 01



Voices is a project linked to Sounds of Our Cities which gathers together interviews, artistic proposals, and experimental narratives carried out in educational contexts, and which also includes a space which is open to public participation. An archive that is relocated, resized and recontextualised through various activations in which public space is used for listening, and for silences. We interpret the archive as a place where time and space are variable, where “a document in an archive can change location, be contextualised and at times destroyed in preference to another document” (Anna Dekker).

The archive follows three strands:

  • Small talks: a collection of Interviews or conversations with artists participating in Sounds of Our Cities, based on the processes defined by each project. - Do you know of any forgotten, disconnected, deactivated, silenced place? This section is open to participation, aiming to collect memories and experiences related to silenced spaces. The city is full of spaces with stories and memories that belong to the collective imagination; spaces that have often been left behind, forgotten, erased, deteriorated, disconnected from dominant narratives, spaces that need testimonies in order to reactivate them.
  • Sound speculations: a section which is open to exploring and envisioning the intangible and to the creation of novel sonic configurations by various artists.
  • Glossary of peripheral spaces is an archive of projects created in educational contexts, based upon exploratory walking tours and visual and sound recordings, which are formalised through the interaction between text, image and sound.

Sounds of our Cities is an European project of Cultural Cooperation co-founded by Creative Europe carried out between City of Roeselare (BE)Idensitat (ES)Dear Hunter (NL)Aalborg University (DK), and associated partners: Impact vzw (BE) - De Spil Cultuurcentrum (BE) BOHM BOHM ROOM (SE) - Struer Tracks (DK) Master Degree in Sound Art of Universitat de Barcelona (ES), Ajuntament de Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament de Cultura.