November 20th, 2020 - Las Cigarreras Cultural Center

Calle San Carlos 78, Alicante - 6pm

Presentation of the results of the artistic experiences carried out within the framework of the Transversal Aesthetics - Fiction Ecosystems project, an Idensitat project with the support of the Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana and the collaboration of Centro Cultural Las Cigarreras de Alicante.

In this meeting the results of the residency of the visual artist Jorge Núñez with the project "The Night Flier" and "FAKE RIUS" the exploration and production workshop at the Riu Sec d'Alacant with Drassana Arquitectes and Idensitat are presented. These installations are the result of the two experiences carried out in the context of the Riu Sec (Riu Monnegre) of Alicante as the main scenario proposed by the Transversal Aesthetics - Fiction Ecosystems project, which proposes to address three rivers of the Valencian Community from its absence or intermittence of water from artistic and speculative perspectives.


CARTELL ALACANT ETs IDIn Caja Negra de Las Cigarreras the installation "The Night Flier" will take place, the result of Jorge Núñez's residence, where the artist plays with visual and sound fragmentation and proposes an approach to the Río Seco from languages ​​linked to experimental cinema and of terror. On the other hand, in the Hall of Cigarreras, the result of the workshop-laboratory "Fake Rius", developed by Drassana Arquitectes and Idensitat, will be presented, where from a collaborative workshop formed by a route in the Río Seco and some meetings in Cigarreras Experiences, visions and interpretations of the Río Seco and its role as a peri-urban space and of social and environmental diversity have been shared.

The Night Flier:
The night flyer is an exploration of the Seco river (literally “the dry river”) through video, illustrations and sound, creating a multimedia work based upon the aesthetics of fantastic cinema and underground horror. The dry river evokes a sense of phenomenological and geographical desolation which "The Night Flyer" project develops, becoming a liquid project in which it is precisely the absence of water that generates unexpected frictions with the subject matter which forms the project’s origin: the Río Seco. Where has the water gone? Might it be said that a waterless river course is a failed story?

Fake Rius:
The result of this workshop proposes a combination of various graphic, visual, textual and objective elements arising from a laboratory that combines routes in the bed of the Dry River of Alicante (Monnegre River) and some meetings in Las Cigarreras. The workshop will attempt to construct narratives that bring these ecosystems closer to participants, using such subjective tools as a physical interpretation of the terrain in order to represent the fauna and flora of the river, its traditional lore, and how they coexist with the new infrastructures of the anthropocene age. Resutlats de: Lina Vega, Patricia Gilabert, Andrea Moreno Orts, Carles Brotons Yagues, Enric Aragonès, Esmeralda Martínez Salvador, Gaspar Belmonte, Iñaki Cancillo Mora, Ana Flensborg Kotlik, Marco Ranieri, Ester Gisbert-Alfonso Mulero (Drassana Arquitectes) i Roser Colomar (Idensitat).

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