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CAUCES DE FICCIÓN (Fictional Rivers)
May 14th and 15th / Transversal Aesthetics – Ecosystems of Fiction
Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània, València

Based upon experiments in production, education and research developed as part of the project Transversal Aesthetics – Ecosystems of Fiction, "Cauces de Ficción" represents an opportunity to bring those activities developed in Alicante, Valencia, Castellón and Huarte (Navarra) to Valencia, sharing experiences of the project and raising awareness of its results, while at the same time inviting the participation of a number of agents presently working in the social and artistic fields to deliver contemporary experiences based around the river environment.

The event will take place live at the CCCC 14/15.05.2021,  with registration required for active participation, and also via streaming on the Valencian Community’s Consortium of Museums Youtube channel. No registration is required for streaming


STREAMING 14.05.2021 / 16h
STREAMING 15.05.2021 / 10h - 14h
STREAMING 15.05.2021 / 16.30h - 19.30h

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Meeting at the CCCC May 14th and 15th
A two-day meeting, including presentations, and dialogues between projects and experts to review what took place in Alicante, Valencia, Castellón and Navarra, with invited artists and agents who are presently working in the field of art and river environments, both locally and in other contexts. An opportunity to share experiences of production, education and research surrounding urban rivers, and our artistic, social and environmental interactions with them.

On Friday 14th the meeting will address the role of cultural spaces and social and artistic agents in territorial and artistic processes related to river environments. On Saturday 15th, there will be a presentation of Transversal Aesthetics – Ecosystems of Fiction’s activities in Alicante, Valencia, Castellón and Navarra, in which the artistic productions that have taken shape in various environments throughout the course of the project may be seen.


The contemporary conception of the river touches upon issues such as ecology, climate, the artistic representation of nature, biodiversity, identity, multispecies’ relationship, sustainability, and knowledge linked to social memory.

However, there are also other interpretations which are derived from the anthropocentric relationship that we establish with natural environments, a relationship which has heavily modified rivers through human interventions in the management of their environments. Examples of such interventions include enhancements to rivers in order to make productive use of them, the legacy of the industrial age, the canalisation of water in complex irrigation systems, the privatisation of natural resources, hydrology policies associated with the Franco regime, the diversion of rivers for reasons of expansion or public safety, and the elimination of riverbanks for agricultural or sports use. In general, anthropocentrism and the capitalocene have modified the shape, use, and relationship of rivers as a space of nature and of biodiversity.

Transversal aesthetics – Ecosystems of Fiction proposes a multiple vision of fluvial spaces that we consider to be key in establishing new paradigms of relationship with our territories. In this sense, artistic practices, social spaces and cultural and educational institutions occupy a fundamental space, as they form an intersection between social engagement, an interrogation of the dynamics of ecological collapse, and art’s propositional capacity to imagine other possible routes towards addressing the social dimension, memory, biodiversity, ecology, sustainability, or the reclamation of natural environments.

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A multidisciplinary project developed between 2020 and 2021 with the support of the Valencian Community’s Consortium of Museums in the area of Valencia, Castelló and Alacant, and with the Centro Huarte de Arte Contemporaneo in Navarra. The project’s theme is riverbeds in the contemporary urban contexts, developed through artistic actions and collaborations in educational and social settings, with the objective of putting ideas into practice, ideas based upon our relationship with rivers, understood as structures of memory, ecology and urban transformation.

The project comprises research and artistic production activities, collaborations in educational settings and participatory actions in the social context, and takes place in different locations: Valencia, Castelló and Alacant (Valencian Community) and Huarte (Navarra ).

> The three projects realised in the cities of Valencia, Castelló and Alacant (Valencian Community) focus on dry or intermittent urban rivers; the former because these have been diverted, responding to urban infrastructures related to local hydraulic management policies; the latter because these collect water only in times of torrential rain, a characteristic of the Mediterranean climate. The three rivers are the river Turia, in Valencia, the Riu Sec/Monnegre in Alicante, and the Riu Sec in Castelló.

>The project In Huarte (Navarra) deals with the river Arga as it passes through the contiguous towns of Huarte, Villava and Burlada, a natural area with an industrial legacy which is currently an important centre related to sports and nature activities, as well as a rich fluvial zone.
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