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Residency by Sally Maclachlan and Eva Joy

Transversal Aesthetics silenced ~ reactivated
Friday, December 15 at 6 p.m.

Activating community connections and public spaces with collaborations and workshops to culminate in a parade of talking Pinna Nobilis shells. These shells amplify the stories collected over the course of the residency which connect us to the sea and to each other. The Nacra, or Pinna Nobilis, is a Mediterranean inhabitant of Alicante and is under great threat of extinction. The Pinna Nobilis is also a symbiotic habitat, a perfect example of co-inhabitancy, and an allegory of our human codependency with the sea. 

Reactivating coastal spaces and Las Cigarerras with collaborative drawings in the sand, cyanotype printing, beach cleaning, spray paint stencilling, speaker recycling and body painting workshops. The project has connected with many different community groups; neighbourhood associations, swimmers, fishermen from Senegal, artists, local environmental  activists and more. They speak of their own activisms big and small and follow themes of climate change, home, nostalgia, interconnectedness and vulnerability. Together, their stories will create a wave of sound on the beaches, in the parade and in installation in Las Cigarerras, reactivating our connection with the sea and to each other. 

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During the work and construction process of the shells, we have worked with waste materials and garbage found on the beaches from collaborative beach cleaning sessions organized as part of the project actions, the speakers are recycled technology, and the Parade costumes are also nets and other plastics linked to fishing and sea work. All these materials have been made through workshops and collaborations with different groups and people from the Alicante fabric. The audios are interviews with people who, from the social, experiential, work, political or scientific, relate to the sea.

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IMG 6420 2
Carmen Sánchez Brufal de Unir Alacant photo de Sally Maclachlan
Taller de cianotipia del mar con Grupo Da Guten foto de Ester Garcia
IMG 6436 2
Shell 2
Shell 3
Shell 11
Shell 7
Shell 8
Maguette Dieye mostrándonos su lancha de pesca en Senegal foto de Eva Joy


Thanks to the following for their involvement and participation:

- Resident artists at the La llavor artística Residencies, organised by Daguten, Escuela Gráfica de Barrio
- CEAM Centro de Educación Ambiental Bencantil
- Repair Cafe & Makers Cig 
- Carmen Sánchez Brufal, President of Unir Alacant
- María José Cerdá-Bertoméu, Director of Museu Del Mar Santa Pola
- Lorenzo Pérez Verdú, president of Associació de Veïns Parc del Mar d'Alacant
- Rocio Lucía Lopez, Sustainability and Gender equality Consultant for Treserres Consultancy
- Alicia and Anna, Fridays 4 Future Alacant
- Sol Garcín, Associació Veïnal Gran Via Sud Port and Plataforma Port Sostenible
- Dr. José Manuel Pérez Burgos, Director of Museu Nova Tabarca i CEAM. And Head of Patrimoni Integral at the Ajuntament d'Alacant
- Lamin Gibba, Abdoukarim Diagne, Amadou Lamine Dieye, Maguette Dieye. Fishermen
- Nogoye, Secretary General of Associació Dones Senegaleses Talatay Nder
- Alice Staffa, Co-Founder of Plogging Revolution
- Conchi Rodriguez Martinez, Estudi Möh
- Manuel Fuentes, Officer at the  Medi Ambient de Senders Urbans Department
- Yolanda Fernández, Biologist for Life Pinnarca, Universitat d'Alacant
- Jesús Tomás, Lecturer at the Facultat de Biologia, and  researcher at the Institut Cavanilles de la Universitat de València.
- Carlos Pastor Garcia, Artist (Col·lectiu La Cuarta Piel)
- Reme Ruso, president Associació Armadors de Santa Pola, and Associació Valenciana de Dones de la Pesca