ETI okETI Expérimenter une transformation institutionnelle (Experiment with an institutional transformation)
Ecole Nationale d’Art París + Minitremu ONG Cristesti + Fondazione Bottari Lattes Monforte d'Alba

The project is the first European event dedicated to new forms of contemporary art institutions. It is based on the emergence of artistic practices that materialise other than into works of art. By acting through other economic sectors than art, these artistic practices incorporate dynamics of exchange and external values to art, from which the institution could reformulate itself.

ETI’s aims are to experiment with new ways and configurations for art institutions.
The project will be an opportunity for the audience and committed artists to reformulate three European art institutions through their own practices in order to question how the institution can recompile itself with an eye on society in the 21st century.

Eti proposes to put the diversity of citizens, actors of the world of art and artists at the centre of the institution in order to establish new relationships. It thus enables the artists and experts involved to formulate new interactions with the organisation's management and programming. In this way the project plans to move from a logic of democratisation (dissemination of the cultural object itself to the set of viewers themselves) to a logic of cultural democracy (each viewer brings their expertise to bear on an object of experimentation). 

ETI involves experimenting with the institution's capacity to transform itself by integrating an artistic diversity which is foreign to it, since these practices interact with sectors outside the traditional art sector.

Artists disseminate an ecosystem in which artistic practice develops: partners, collaborators or infrastructures which are their means of production, of distribution, and reception. This ecosystem is governed by other forms of interaction than those prevailing in the art institution, on the one hand because these interactions exist outside the art institution, and on the other hand because the nature of its practices largely call into question the status of the public-spectator. Indeed the nature of these practices does not imply raising the visibility of a single object, but of activities that may be approached in multiple ways. 

The general strategy of the project is to implement within art institutions, different content and artists from those usually on offer by pooling specificities and local issues on a European scale. Another dimension of the strategy consists in bringing together the experimentation of partners who are not from the arts sector. In short, it is a matter of changing the very nature of the art institution, participating in the project in an untapped way.


Ecole Nationale d'Art Paris France
Minitremu NGO CRISTESTI Romanie
Fondazione Bottari Lattes Monforte d'Alba Italy