Artistic practices and citizen
action networks in postcrisis contexts.
18-24-25-26.01.2014 | SEMINAR + WORKSHOP + INTERVENTIONS in the framework of FAQ: Zone of frequently asked questions and ECLECTIS (European Citizens' Laboratory for Empowerment: Cities Shared)

Urban Spaces – Social Fabric - Voids / Transformations - Transfers - Creativities.
Creative interventions in public space in a post-crisis context.

If we consider the assumption that culture is a social and territorial construction, that society is a cultural and territorial construction, and that territory is a spatial, temporal, social and cultural construct; the relationship between culture and society and territory acquires a powerful meaning within a construct which combines creativity and social space.

WS 25052014 ENG 03Word Space (WS) is a project conceived to make a pertinent and temporary impact upon public space by means of words, texts or short phrases emitted from a device configured by a set of individual luminous characters This project makes sense when the device is activated in public space, incorporating expressive, radical, and symbolic nuances, in relation to context, location or activity. PARTICIPATE WITH A SHORT TEXT!

EXPANDED SEMINAR engDISPOSITIFS POST- EXPANDED SEMINAR is an Idensitat project, in association with the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, an attempt to open a semi-permanent space for reflection, training and cross-disciplinary work.