The miracles are a symbolic, playful and rather poetical translation of the desires of Sondika's inhabitants gathered in May / June. THURSDAY MIRACLE is a project of the artists Xelo Bosch and Cyrille Larpenteur developed together with the producer of art consonni and resultant of the international open call iD+consonni Sondika 09 realized together with IDENSITAT. THURSDAY MIRACLE is inspired in the movie " Every Thursday, miracle " (1957) of the producer Luis García Berlanga "

En Sondika el 3 de octubre

The ideas for the miracles arise from the " Cans of Miracles " and from the accomplishment of the " Workshops of miracles " during the last May and June. There were gathered hundreds of desires describing Sondika,desires that suppose protests, requests and offers of improvement. The proposal of Xelo Boch and Cyrille Larpenteur reveals as a metaphor that tries to rescue the most extraordinary and wonderful meaning of the word miracle to unveal with its creative part. The proposal works also as an ironic metaphor of the artist, of the work and of what sometimes is expected from this type of art interventions in public sphere. The project implies a research of different forms of participation and reflection of the citizenship in their environment. With the techniques proposed by the artists, different types of "miracles" are to be developed: the realizable ones, the imaginary ones and those who need from an long-term impulse of the inhabitants. The day of miracles divides in several groups: cycling Sondika, concentrate Sondika, daydream Sondika and dance Sondika.

Miracle: “Strange, extraordinary and wonderful thing”

Saturday, 3rd of October, day of miracles.
With this meaning it is designated what will happen in Sondika with the collaboration of the people of the Sondika next Saturday, the 3rd of October; the culminating moment of the project JUEVES MILAGRO, done by Xelo Bosch and Cyrille Larpenteur with the collaboration of the producer of art projects consonni. The miracles are symbolic, playful and poetic translation of Sondikas´ inhabitants wishes from May/June. The miracles are divided in 4 different groups: Cycling Sondika, Concentrate Sondika, Daydream Sondika and Dance Sondika.

Cycling Sondika

11.00am Dress up bikes, trolleys, skates, carts and make up for cyclists.
In Goiri Erdiko Square.

1.00 pm Cycle race to claim the placement of a cycle lane in the city.
There is a call for all those who are fed up with pollution to a concentration of miraculous bikes which stars in Goiri Erdiko Square. There will be a collaboration of IES Canciller Ayala, and the artist Aiora Kintana and Iker Ugalde to customise bikes and people. The best fancy dress and bike-slogan will be rewarded.

Concentrate Sondika

11.00am Stands showing Sondika's history + Playful and informative devices.
In Goiri Erdiko Square.
A collective collage about the past and present history of Sondika will be developed. There will be the chance of using the Kultur Aretoa II as a Txoko for all interested groups. A proper iconography will be developed across the illustrations of the draftswoman Lady My.

Daydream Sondika

9.00pm Fantastic projection: the miracles and the most wonderful and extraordinary desires.
In Goiri Square.
The moment for the most imaginative miracles in the shape of lights and voice projections will take place in Goiri Square with the collaboration of the French pyrotechnics company Hanabi.

Dance Sondika

9.30 pm Dance of lights: night walk with torchlight choreography, walking sticks and voices.
From Goiri Square.
Collective dance with shadows, torchlights, voices and walking sticks between Sondika and Ola run by the choreographer Arrate Etxebarria.

JUEVES MILAGRO is a project created by Xelo Bosch and Cyrille Larpenteur together with the producer of art projects consonni, inside the international art call ID+consonni Sondika 09 made together with IDENSITAT. “Jueves Milagro” it is supported by Sondika´s Town Hall, Regional Government of Bizkaia and the Basque Government. JUEVES MILAGRO is inspired in the movie "Los jueves, milagro" (1957) of the producer Luis García Berlanga.