Seminar "Esto no es un museo".
Public space, mobility, cartography and institutional critique.
From 07.05.2013 until 10.05.2013


The seminar, developed in parallel with the exhibition "This is not a museum" and the programme of “activations” and workshops, is structured around four sessions: public space, mobility, cartography and institutional critique. Reflecting upon these issues will help to mark out the boundaries of the debate, defining portable devices (itinerants) as alternative instruments to the conventional art institution.

This seminar is the start of the project iD BarrioMEX, which which will map out specific public spaces in Mexico City, taking spatial, social and temporal elements into consideration, in order, at some later point, to create devices which may be adapted to the concept of urban mobility. These devices will bring previously-analyzed elements into play, and will activate interaction with the different contexts in which they will be deployed.

The aims of iD Barrio MEX are: to analyze, and arrive at an understanding of, the dynamics of space; to visualise, in order to interpret the various linkages which operate in sites of deployment; to design, in order to sketch out new productive dynamics; to collaborate, in order to enhance and multiply creative capacities.

iD Barrio is a project by Idensitat, a debate as to whether artistic practices may prove to be an innovative factor in processes of urban transformation, undertaking the challenging work of bringing latent social creativity to the fore through collective action.

Seminar taught by Martí Perán, curator (Es) and Ramon Parramon, director of IDENSITAT and ACVIC (Es)