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Plató Volant a project of Horitzó.tv for iD#5_Calaf.

During the week from May 18 to May 23, Horitzó.tv completed the previous part of its project Plató Volant, developed in Calaf for IDENSITAT. Between next June 22 and 28 it will be broadcast live.



{youtube}JJ4IuYIqPns{/youtube} Projecte IDENSITAT. Maig-Juny de 2009. Calaf --- Félix Pérez-Hita (realització), Hugo Barbosa (cámera).


PATH OF DESIRE: Term used in landscape architecture to describe a path, inside an urbanized zone, which is not designed, but rather which has been traced gradually and by chance by people walking looking for the shortest way between two points.

Georgie R es el administrador del grupo de Flickr más activo y célebre sobre el asunto, aquí:

Ligne o sentier de désir is a term coined by Gaston Bachelard, (in Poetics of space, 1957, in which he applies the methods of phenomenology to architectural analysis). Bachelard shows how the human use of a route or architectural or urban path sometimes exceeds the intentions of the author