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[Sigal Barnir, Yael Moria Klain, Adi Gura, Yael Caron, Assaf Evron]

As a laboratory, the LUL team investigates ways, modes, and attitudes of living. We are a multi-faceted organization, comprised of artists, landscape architects and curators. LUL questions contemporary urban issues through varied actions, including exhibitions, original projects and cooperative ventures in urban communities. LUL's attitude is founded in sustainability and cooperation between planners, artists, residents and local municipalities. LUL translates the Toolkit anew with each project. Coming from outside of the local context, the design for a specific project in a specific location occurs only follows familiarity with the location’s social, cultural and physical topography. The project "Translating Landscapes" centres on the effects and realities of immigration (and migration) both to and from Europe. The project focuses on the sensation of home, in direct relation to collective and individual memories of landscape and notions of territory. "Translating Landscapes" creates an outdoor space that presents the relationship between the two landscapes. Together with the local community, LUL creates a platform on which diverse cultures may cohabit.