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There's a universe inside and outside you

Interventions of Walter Gam in Calaf

From the beginning of June to the 15 of July, the Brazilian artist Walter Gam, From Belo Horizonte made a stay in Calaf as part of Idensitat 5. During these days developed several actions that included a joint work with pupils of primary consistent to creating some flags to be placed in the 5 points of access to the village. Another of his actions was the distribution, in the urban space of Calaf, of different messages inviting to the reflection. Apart from these participative actions Walter Gam carried out a set of videos of short duration highlighting the characteristics of the place, which describe his perception of the village: the marinada, places... On finishing his stay was offered a public presentation of his work, sharing table and tasting products of the zone.

Knowing another place. Knowing Calaf.

To bring limits, spaces, changes, persons into relationship ... to recognise the different universes which occupy the same space through acts which they inscribe on its life and its landscape. 30 flags created by children of 6 to 10 years of age, to represent their imaginary spaces , wave at 5 points marking different entries to and exits from Calaf. In the town a series of messages are mixed with the everyday landscape, creating symbolic spaces. Finally a transformed space will offer a meal, a relational space where anyone may approach and enjoy conversation and food, as well as many different aspects of the work developed by Walter Gam during his stay in Calaf.

Acciones WALTER GAM // CALAF junio-julio 2009

Mientras caminas dibuja tu ciudad.
O Donde estabas cuando han sonado las campanas?
O Tu plato puede ser mi plato. Tu lenguaje puede ser mi lenguaje.
O Estoy contento, contengo todas las conversaciones, todas las pausas.


30 banderas creadas por niños, sugiriendo sus parajes imaginarios, ondean en 5 puntos que definen límites, la entrada a Calaf y sus diversas salidas.


Camina, encuentra los mensajes escritos en el paisaje. Son tuyos. Úsalos, transfórmalos. Son fragmentos de las historias que se suceden cada día en el espacio.


Tus pasos dibujan las calles. Huellas invisibles, permanecen en el asfalto como un esbozo que se completa con los sonidos que las rodean.