Topografia Sensible. Activitats educatives d’Idensitat.

Last Sunday 20th of September the first exploration and botanical walk around the town of Calaf occurred. Starting at the Plaça Gran of Calaf, the group followed the Camí del Rentador through the Mas de l'Indiano and to return along the railway border to finish the walk in the Convent of Sant Francesc. This itinerary is included in the program proposed by Sensitive Topography

Topografia Sensible is a project created by Anna Recasens and Mercè Ramos for Calaf and part of the Educational Action of Idensitat #5- HivernacleCultural.

HIVERNACLE CULTURAL is a project by Josep-Maria Martín for Idensitat that proposes the construction, in Calaf, of a cultural centre, a space of knowledge, experimentation, learning, debate, information, cultural and scientific exposition where nature is the central axis.

One of the goals of Idensitat is to promote educational actions linked to those projects forming part of this fifth edition. In this way Sensitive Topography is generating a catalogue and a botanical map of the municipal term, acquiring knowledge and memory related with local flora. Currently the project is promoting a series of open, interactive and educational activities related with art, nature and the recovery of the environment.

As a part of these activities, last Saturday 19 September the project was present at the Market of Calaf with a stall covering different functions, including information point, library and of center of data collection. Advice, stories, recipes, etc., were exchanged. The stall will continue on a monthly basis. In the next months several activities will be carried out such as itineraries, readings and collective work sessions open to participation. The information on this educational actions may be consulted in the project blog

Tothom que vulgui participar aportant històries, coneixements, receptes, consells relacionats amb la flora local, aixi com d'oficis que utilitzen aquests recursos, que vulgui intercanviar llavors, que vulgui aportar els seus coneixements sobre el terme municipal pot explicar-ho a través de: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or directly on activity days.