iD#5 MANRESA. Call for ideas for a project of intervention in the public space.
IDENSITAT#5 Manresa opens an open call for projects to participate in the program of interventions in public space that will take place in April 2010 in differents places in the city of Manresa.
The open call is for artists residing in Central Catalonia who want to develop an intervention project in the public space of Manresa. The participants will have to make a proposal that incorporates Idensitat’s Touring Device and propose one or several places in the city for its display. There are no prerequisites apart from these mentioned above, hence the projects can provide answers or raise questions, identify conflicts or propose strategies for dialogue, camouflage in the space or occupy it, involve people in the work process or search for spectators; at any rate, the strategy and formalization will have to deal with elements of latent tension in public space. The final location of the selected proposal in the public space will be subject to obtaining a municipal permit.
The selected project will be part of iD#5 Manresa, along with the following artists and collectives:
Domènec, Democracia, Basurama, Patrick Raddatz, Traces of Autism (Jozua Zaagman, Maartje Dros, Jacqueline Schoemaker) and Oriol Fontdevila/Laia Ramos.

Touring Device. At different moments in 2009 the Touring Device has been part of workshops and seminars as an itinerant exhibition that conveys specific activities generated by Idensitat. It has been present in Calaf (Hivernacle Cultural), Prat de Llobregat (Torre Muntadas) and Barcelona (La Capella). It pursues the idea of an exhibition that expands in the territory and serves as a transmitter - receiver of data. Its itinerant nature allows to affect specific aspects of the territory through mobility. In this case it is proposed as a display element that is part of the selected project. It may be modified and adapted to the needs of the project. The selected project will have 2.100 eur, of which € 600 as honoraries and the remainder for production (including taxes). The Touring Device has some additional elements such as projector, various tables, chairs, projection screens and vertical supports. The displacement of the device will be included in the project.
The proposals may be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail to Centro Cultural el Casino, paseo Pere III, 27 bajos. 08242 Manresa till March 18, 2010. Download rules pdf

Elementos básicos y elementos adicionales:
1. Carro. medidas:1,49m. x 2,56m. x 0,40m. + elemento extensible y tapa superior de 0,50m x 2,56m. x 1,49m.
2. 4 Mesas pleglables
3. 10 Sillas plegables
4. Soporte vertical de 1,80m. x 2,90m.
5. 2 Proyectores
6. 1 pantalla de proyección
7. Soporte para documentación