iD#5 Manresa. Seized City. ACTIVITIES

Exhibition: April 9 to 25, 2010

Place: Centre Cultural el Casino, Passeig Pere III, 29, 08242 Manresa. Tel 93 875 36 36

iD#5 Manresa projects: MOTOCARRO PROJECT by Domènec, SPERMÖLA. Proyecto de tienda gratis by Basurama, SUBTEXTOS MANRESA from Democracia, TRACING MANRESA/CALAF by Traces of Autism , DISJECTA by Patrick Raddatz, IDtv : VídeoDiàlegs by Oriol Fontdevila, Laia Ramos, DISPOSITIVO ITINERANTE from Idensitat with the project SEARCHING FOR RELATIVES by Verónica Luyo/María Celeste Venico.


Motocarro Project Activities

Saturday 17, 22.00h
Place: Plaça Icària (in front of La Kampana)
Screening of: Plácido from Luis García Berlanga
Length: 87 mm Language: Spanish

Saturday 24, 22.00h
Place: Courtyard of the Centre Cultural el Casino, Passeig de Pere III, 29
Screening of: Cycle de Tran Anh Hung
Length: 124 mm
Language: Vietnamese with spanish subtitles
No recommended for children under 18

SPERMÖLA. Free shop project. Basurama
Tuesday 13 - Thursday 22. Gathering of goods and furnitures. Bring all that you no longer wants. From 17.00h, Auditori Sant Francesc.
Friday 16. Free shop opening.Take all kinds of goods from the free shop.
16 to 22 of April from 17.00h, Auditori Sant Francesc.
Friday 16. Workshop "less consume for better life"by Toni Lodeiro.
19.30h - 21.00h, Auditori Sant Francesc.
Saturday 17. Free shop La Biga. From 10.00h to 14.00h, Plaça Europa.
Friday 16 - Sunday 18. Creative recycling.
Open workshops by Makea and Obsoletos.
All day, Auditori Sant Francesc.
Reusable furnitures by Makea Collective + iNFO:
Reusable electronics and computing by Obsoletos Collective + iNFO:
Tuesday 20, Talk with Basurama 8pm, Auditori Sant Francesc.
Wednesday 21, Forum against consumerism with the participation of local agents of waste management.
8pm, Auditori Sant Francesc.


From 9 to 25 April. SUBTEXTOS at the Opi's of Manresa's streets.

Televisió de Manresa and the Associació Bages per a Tothom collaborate with the project.

TOURING DEVICE. Searching for relatives its a project by Verónica Luyo / María Celeste Venica, that has been selected to be developed within the program of interventions in public space of Manresa using Idensitat Touring Device

From 23 to 25 April in front of the Centre Cultural del Casino de Manresa

DISJECTA. Patrick Raddatz From 9 to 25 April DISJECTA shows at the Conservatori Municipal de Música de Manresa The Conservatori Municipal de Música de Manresa collaborates with the project..

IDtv : VídeoDiàlegs. Oriol Fontdevila, Laia Ramos IDtv :From 9 to 25 April screenings IDtv at Televisió de Manresa. Televisió de Manresa collaborates with the project.