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ORP. Autonoise

ORP was a project by the Autonoise collective in collaboration with a group of inmates from the Llerdoners Prison, in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, (Bages, Catalunya). A part of iD Manresa 2012, the aim of the project was to bring to the public realm the experiences and thoughts of collectives at risk of social exclusion.

From February 2012, and through previous meetings with the Llerdoner Prison's music tutor, the collective developed a series of workshops with a musical band formed by several inmates from the centre. Undertaking recording and editing tasks, the aim of the workshops was to produce quality material the band could use as a rough cut. Sessions occurred once a week, generally on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on availability.

The concept of 'collective creation' was crucial in this project, since decision making processes were collaborative between Autonoise and the participants. As a way of giving back to the community, the piece was shown at the Photographic Spring Festival, an event dedicated to photography and the image, celebrated at the Llerdoners Prison every June. In this way, participants in the project also had their work represented in their own space.


Autonoise is a rural group originating in Moià in 2005, working with sound, music, image, technology and electronics. SInce 2007, their work has been focused on self-managed circuit-bending and freestyle hacking. They have made proposals for installations, workshops, courses and musical performances. The collective has participated in different festivals, such as  Drap-art 2008(Barcelona), Okuparte 2011(Osca), Pop design Festival 2010 (Colònia), (((Gargall))) 2009 (Manresa), Konvent 2011 (Cal Rosal, Berga) among others. They also organise electronics recycling and self-managed audio editing workshops. The collective is composed of Oriol Viladomiu Lamarca, Manel Moral Ruiz and Jordi Camprubí Soler.

More information:

iD Manresa is a project co-produced by IDENSITAT and Cal Gras, in collaboration with the Manresa Council.