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Alessandra Patrucco

As part of the project Transhumance Art (2011), and after walking the land and talking to some local people about its past, Alessandra Patrucco prepared a collective action in order to create a soundscape, from the experience of getting to know the Royal paths which stretch between Avinyó and Prats de Lluçanès. Her piece comprised recordings she made on her walks, interviews with those familiar with the territory and the history of the Tranhumancia, and finally, the results of a voice workshop she hosted in Avinyó, titled: Ramat de So (Flock of Sound).

Her process was based on knowledge of the territory, first as an spectator, from a new perspective, and later on with sound recorder in hand, interviewing different people who knew the Transhumància paths and knew about the local popular culture. One of the highlights of the project was walking with a shepherd and his flock of 800 sheep. Every corner of the path, and especially his years of experience, provided an extremely interesting result, both in terms of research and as an experience.



In the process of creation, the artist proposed a workshop for vocal experimentation, recording sounds of people imitating the noises of the forest, its inhabitants and atmospheres. With the title of 'Flock of Sound', this project was pre-shown in the event Jornades Artístiques in Cal Gras, where Alessandra offered a perfomance accompanied by musician Angelo Conto and, between them both, intervened and improvised the audio.


This action was performed live on Saturday July the 7th, within the iD Manresa 2012 seminar, a project co-produced by IDENSITAT and Cal Gras, in collaboration with the Manresa Council.


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Alessandra Patrucco is an artist, a teacher of vocal experimentation and improvisation, a singer and a musical composer. She is based between Torino and Barcelona, and is very active in the international scene of music improvisation, jazz and theatre. Her voice ranges from popular singing to jazz and to classical singing, using extensive and non-Western vocal techniques. She worked with the piano player Misha Mengelberg and with the ICP Orchestra, with whom she edited the CD Circus (2005). She edited the CD "Varda la Luna" (2006) with the jazz-folk group  SASA. She also has collaborated with ethno-pop musician Nitin Shawney. She has created the project  "Il Bosco di Vetro" for voice and electronic music, which has evolved into theatre productions and has been awarded with different prestigious prizes. Together with the Nellecorde group, she has created projects of poetry and music. She directs, in Barcelona, the experimental vocal group MONDO AEREO, whom, with the AGITA (Figueres) and the CoNCA awards, have edited a DVD and have premiered the performance Hilos (2011). Currently, she is a singing teacher at the Piccola Accademia -Fondazione Teatro ragazzi e giovani in Torino- and in different community centres in Barcelona. She also leads workshops in Italy and Catalonia, such as in the Dispositiu de Camp Magnetic event, dedicated to voice experimentation. With her conception as a composer and improviser, she has created a different language based upon a sense of humour, poetry, surprise and a playful spirit which pervades her music. A daring proposal, bordering upon various genres, creating music which defies categorisation.