On the occasion of the Fira del Vi de Falset (Wine Fair of Falset), the last phase of the project Històries i Llocs (Stories and places) by Sans Façon has been presented.

Stories and Places is a Sans Façon [Charles Blanch and Tristan Surtees] artistic project produced by IDENSITAT and Priorat Centre d'Art with the collaboration of the DO Montsant. The project consists of compiling and distributing a group of vivid accounts, memories and wishes, related to landscape, narrated by inhabitants of the Priorat region.

Històries i Llocs (Stories and Places) is an exploration and visualization of the land of the Priorat region drawn from particular descriptions which, taken together, contribute to the construction of a local imaginary. These fragments of the social landscape will be distributed to other places, as labels attached to bottles of wine, while remaining connected to a moment and a concrete place: the Priorat.

The stories selected for distribution on wine bottles were made possible thanks to the collaboration of diverse organizations and educational centres of the Priorat region: Consell Regulador de la DO Montsant, Centre Quim Soler, Esplai de la gent gran de Falset, Biblioteca Salvador Estrem i Fa, Centre de Formació Ocupacional (Falset), Centre de Recursos de Cornudella de Montsant, IES Priorat (Falset), SES Montsant (Cornudella de Montsant), CEIP Dr. Piñol i Aguadé (Cornudella de Montsant), CEIP Sant Isidre (Capçanes), CEIP Sant Feliu (Els Guiamets), CEIP Josep Riba (La Serra d'Almos), CEIP Onze de Setembre (El Masroig), CEIP Rossend Giol (Porrera), CEIP Montsant (Ulldemolins), CEIP Garbí (Poboleda), CEIP El Castell (Cabacés), CEIP Montsant (La Bisbal de Falset).

The Sans Façon's project forms part of IDENSITAT#4 | Priorat Centre d'Art, on the theme Home|Away. The compilation of descriptinons was realized in 2008 by Oriol Fontdevila with the collaboration of the Centre Quim Soler. Distribution of the wine bottles with DO Montsant wine appellation and labelled with a selection of the compiled accounts, depends upon the collaboration of the cellars Celler Masroig, Celler Aibar and the DO Montsant.

This work, resulting from the collaboration between an arts project, local authorities and certain wine producers and distributors of the Montsant wine appellation of the region of Priorat, has been presented in different stands of the 11th Fira del Vi de Falset, from May 1 to May 3, 2009.