From June the 28th to July the 1st 2012, IDENSITAT collaborated in the 2012 edition of the eme3 festival. Entitled Dispositivos móviles. Construcciones colectivas e intervenciones en el espacio público, the collaboration consisted of an exhibition of different mobile devices produced by artists and participants in the IDENSITAT workshops . The exhibition, installed within the precincts of the festival (La Catedral square in Barcelona), also hosted conferences, seminars and discussions, in which the IDENSITAT team also participated.

eme3 is a platform for expression and presentation of ideas. Away from dogmas and conventionalisms, eme3 has become a forum of interaction and a shuttle of proposals that retrospectively can be fully defined as avant-garde architecture.Starting from the architecture, and combining both art and design, eme3 brings together the new creators of emergent architectures in a space of experimentation, exposition and debate. eme3 generates projects that materialize in different formats (installations, urban projects, workshops, lectures, discussions and audiovisual projections) and locations, through a continuous program, eme3_on, and an annual encounter, eme3_festival. Like a think-tank, eme3 provides the creator with a physical and interactive space for the free expression of ideas, as well as the possibility for the visitor to discover a different architecture yet close to the real and current problems in society.