Thursday miracle a project by Xelo Bosch and Cyrille Larpenteur as a part of iD+consonni Sondika 09.

Using Luis G. Berlanga’s “Los jueves, milagro” film as a starting point, "Thursday miracle" proposal develops as a metaphor which seeks to recover the more extraordinary and wonderful meaning of the word miracle, retaining the part relating to creativity while totally discarding the term’s Catholic connotations. A metaphor of the artist, of the work and what is expected of him or her is put forward. Irony which manages to make some of the common hopes of the people of Sondika more visible or less invisible.

The ideas for making miracles will be generated by the “Taller de milagros” or miracle workshop. What is special about this workshop is how it combines the use of art resources with basic citizen participation methods. It is thus by creating dynamics of the exchange of knowledge and skills that the group reaches its full dimensions.

Therefore, the starting point will be the townspeople’s perception of their urban environment, Sondika, and Sondika’s relation with the presence of the “non-airport”, the repercussions of its location and its subsequent removal, after which they still hear and live with it... and last of all, Sondika and its relation with the nearby city of Bilbao. Workshops with the artists, miracle jars and a popular meal will all be used to gather together the different wishes.

Different formulas are sought to collect these wishes to provide diverse ways of participating, in a more impersonal way with the aid of the jars or through more active collaboration through workshops. The wishes can be anything that you can imagine with regard to the town, something impossible, something abstract or something more concrete. For example, that Sondika were on the coast, that the Olympic Games could be held there, that my street were pedestrianised, or that there were cycle lanes, or that planes, cars and motorbikes made less noise, or that there were more of a particular type of service, etc.

MIRACLE WORKSHOPS: What do you think of Sondika and what would you like it to be like? 25 - 31 May - It is aimed at the general public: fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, grandparents and children, the young and the old… alone or in groups, whoever feels like taking part.  Then, the workshops will provided the opportunity to express opinions, dream, state wishes, complain, talk about what one wishes to maintain, transform or emphasize about Sondika. Together with artists Xelo Bosch and Cyrille Larpenteur, playful and reflexive dynamics will be developed in order to work on the concerns and impressions of the people with regard to their town and jointly prepare the “series of miracles” in September. - Duration: 1 one and a half hour session (extendable to two sessions if necessary) - Places: approx. 15-20. There will be four types of workshops according to age (the elderly, adults, young people and children) - To take part, you can call 944 43 23 90 (M-F from 10am to 3pm) or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

JARS FOR MIRACLES: What do you think of Sondika and how would you like it to be? From mid May to beginning of June. In order to gather people’s wishes with respect to their own town, the “miracle” ideas can also be placed in the jars located in different public spaces such as the library, Gazteleku, Kultur Etxea, Kultur Aretoa I and II, Polideportivo Artebe and Polideportivo Goronda Beko, as well as in bars and shops like butchers, fruit and vegetable stores, etc.

PUBLIC PAELLA FOR THE MIRACLE Just like in primitive societies where collective rites are performed in order to obtain miracles, for example, making it rain or improving harvests, on the first weekend of June, Saturday 6 June, a free collective paella will be prepared in a public space in order to exhibit the work processes of the workshops, thank people for their participation and go on collecting wishes. We shall cook, eat and celebrate together. This meal is aimed at the people who took part in the workshops, the people of Sondika and surrounding areas who wish to see what has been done in the workshops and wish to share the experience.

MIRACLES!! And, finally, in October, more than likely on the weekend of 2 and 3 October, “miracles” will be held, that is, the public events deriving from the different wishes expressed in workshops or gathered in jars. They will be public acts that include and reflect the wishes of the people of Sondika regarding their own town, identity, their relation with the airport, etc.

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OBSERVATORI PRAT (Prat observatory) is an umbrella project for projects pointing towards possible researches on the area of El Prat de Llobregat. Under the curatorship of Martí Peran, curatorial projects proposed by the students of "Policies|Politics of the contemporary art will be brought together. New mechanisms of production and management" given to the University of Barcelona's degrees of Master of Advanced Studies in Art History, Cultural Heritage Management, and Artistic Production and Research; a call for production and specific research for Prat in the context of the platform Idensitat; and, finally, an invitation to the collective Osservatorio Nomade/Barcelona to develop a study of the area of El Prat. It is intended that the exhibition should display these works in a synthetic and understandable way.

Opening: Thursday, May 21 at 8pm

Related activities:

Open session: Saturday 20th June

Exploration walk. Guided roaming by Osservatorio Nomade/Barcelona. From 11am to 2pm. Starting from the Centre d'Art Torre MUntades

Round table, moderated by Marti Peran, curator of the exhibition and with the participation of: Fernando Domínguez Vázquez, manager of Àrea d'urbanisme, territori i mediambient de l'Ajuntament del Prat. Ramon Parramon, Idensitat's organization. Artists representing projects selected by idensitat#5|Prat de LLobregat: Jardí de Fang [Loreto Varela, Isaac Gimeno], Radiodimensió [Ingrid Guardiola, Daniel Miracle, Victor Masferrer] and Prospeccions [Celia Marín, Francesc Inés Hernández, Pedro Martínez Ruda], Pau Faus, Pere Grimau and Domènec from Osservatorio Nomade/Barcelona and Patrícia Hambrona, Màster Oficial en Estudis Avançats d'Història de l'Art, UB.

At 6pm at Centre d'Art Torre Muntadas

Centre d'Art Torre Muntadas. Sala d'Art Josep Bages. c.Jaume Casanovas, 80. 08020 El Prat de Llobregat Tel 93 4782237 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tuesday to Saturday from 4pm to 9 pm. Sundays and festives from 11am to 2pm
Organization of Ajuntament del Prat de LLobregat
Supported by: Generalitat de Catalunya Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació | Diputació de Barcelona
Collaboration: Universitat de Barcelona | Idensitat | Osservatorio Nomade/Barcelona

On the occasion of the Fira del Vi de Falset (Wine Fair of Falset), the last phase of the project Històries i Llocs (Stories and places) by Sans Façon has been presented.

Stories and Places is a Sans Façon [Charles Blanch and Tristan Surtees] artistic project produced by IDENSITAT and Priorat Centre d'Art with the collaboration of the DO Montsant. The project consists of compiling and distributing a group of vivid accounts, memories and wishes, related to landscape, narrated by inhabitants of the Priorat region.

Històries i Llocs (Stories and Places) is an exploration and visualization of the land of the Priorat region drawn from particular descriptions which, taken together, contribute to the construction of a local imaginary. These fragments of the social landscape will be distributed to other places, as labels attached to bottles of wine, while remaining connected to a moment and a concrete place: the Priorat.

The stories selected for distribution on wine bottles were made possible thanks to the collaboration of diverse organizations and educational centres of the Priorat region: Consell Regulador de la DO Montsant, Centre Quim Soler, Esplai de la gent gran de Falset, Biblioteca Salvador Estrem i Fa, Centre de Formació Ocupacional (Falset), Centre de Recursos de Cornudella de Montsant, IES Priorat (Falset), SES Montsant (Cornudella de Montsant), CEIP Dr. Piñol i Aguadé (Cornudella de Montsant), CEIP Sant Isidre (Capçanes), CEIP Sant Feliu (Els Guiamets), CEIP Josep Riba (La Serra d'Almos), CEIP Onze de Setembre (El Masroig), CEIP Rossend Giol (Porrera), CEIP Montsant (Ulldemolins), CEIP Garbí (Poboleda), CEIP El Castell (Cabacés), CEIP Montsant (La Bisbal de Falset).

The Sans Façon's project forms part of IDENSITAT#4 | Priorat Centre d'Art, on the theme Home|Away. The compilation of descriptinons was realized in 2008 by Oriol Fontdevila with the collaboration of the Centre Quim Soler. Distribution of the wine bottles with DO Montsant wine appellation and labelled with a selection of the compiled accounts, depends upon the collaboration of the cellars Celler Masroig, Celler Aibar and the DO Montsant.

This work, resulting from the collaboration between an arts project, local authorities and certain wine producers and distributors of the Montsant wine appellation of the region of Priorat, has been presented in different stands of the 11th Fira del Vi de Falset, from May 1 to May 3, 2009.