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Yolanda dels Bueis

Speed Of Reaction [S.O.R.] is an urban interactive adventure that was taken place in Tarragona city on the 7th September 2013. With the slogan “What changes faster: you or the city? Play the game!” inline skaters were invited to participate. A project by Yolanda de los Bueis as part of IDENSITAT iD SPORT program and in collaboration with the Skating Section of Tarragona Gimnastic Club, coordinated by Alexandra Palos.

S.O.R. is an explorative, immersive and playful activity that takes place in the city through a series of landmarks or specific places, to which the player arrives by overcoming obstacles and following a series of linked clues. S.O.R. is a competitive game played by teams of three inline skaters.
During the game, mobile phones, QR codes, online social networks, films and fast reactions will help teams solve puzzles and build their own imaginary of the city.
S.O.R. has previously taken place in London 2010 and Roker (UK) 2013.

iD Sport / S.O.R. Speed Of Reaction Tarragona, de Yolanda de los Bueys from Idensitat on Vimeo.


An interactive adventure throughout the streets of Tarragona. Mobile phones, QR codes, roller skates, online social networks, films and fast reactions will help your team solve puzzles and push you to ask your own questions.

S.O.R. Tarragona will take you on a skating journey to discover the city of Tarragona. You will get instructions, clues and allies to help you along the way, and you will have to complete various tasks.

S.O.R. is an interactive game that allows you to have fun in a team, using technology and creativity. It can also be adapted to take you on the non-speedy route which gives you freedom to explore public spaces in different ways or build your own personal narrative experience.

S.O.R. is for anyone who is interested in discovering and exploring digital arts and new meanings of community and space. [An experience that takes place on inline skates]

To take part in S.O.R. TARRAGONA on 07.09.2013 you must sign up here:




Yolanda de los Bueis works from a participative and social art practice context; her interest is in experimentation and research through ethnographic methodologies, and how this approach can be borrowed, adapted and applied to areas of artistic inquiry.
De los Bueis explores interdisciplinarily the complexity and constant estate of change of urban spaces; their capacity to be a platform to generate creative mechanisms and be places for exchange and knowledge production.

ID SPORT  promotes interdisciplinary projects linking sport and the social, cultural and creative spheres.The aim of the programme is to produce and to draw attention to projects which propose formats of intervention within public space, and in which the relationship between art and sport and society forms the main strand. These projects deal with aspects of social space, detecting conflicts, proposing strategies for negotiation or participation through the interplay between artistic practices and sport, and with specific methodologies. Id SPORT's objective is to promote projects from the field of contemporary art which affect public space, which bring together methodologies of direct collaboration with agents or local collectives, linked to formal or informal sporting activities.

IDENSITAT is an arts project investigating ways of impacting upon the public sphere through creative proposals related to place and territory in their spatial, temporal and social dimensions. Since its beginning in 1999, IDENSITAT has been in continuous transformation to become a complex system, incorporating other projects, actions or interventions, promoting processes, organising exhibitions, publishing... altogether deploying a variety of creative strategies to realise an activity or a set of activities. A system based on collaborative dynamics in order to build a relationship between contemporary artistic practices and social space, through research, production, education in a particular context, and distribution throughout a wider context.

Since February 2012 and with 80 members, The Skating Section of Tarragona Gimnastic Club organizes speed skating activities, online skating for leisure, routes and other events for all ages throughout the city. Coordinated by Alexandra Palos.