SNTK posters-03Activity combining a workshop to build skating ramps with Sergi Arenas and young skater, and interactive experimentation by the collective Mobilitylab.

As part of SNTK BESÒS LAB, SK8, Ramps workshop and interactive experimentation, with Sergi Arenas and Mobilitylab collective.


Workshop on wallride ramps building for skateboarding with Sergi Arenas and skaters 

Dates: July 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th, from 4pm to 8pm. 

Place: Mas Fonollar, Santa Coloma de Gramanet

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Wallride Exhibition with SNTK skaters, freestyle exhibition with Toni Medina [], interactive experimentation with Mobilitylab, project SK8 Sound.

Dates: July, 5th and September 6th, from 7pm to 10pm

Place: Can Peixauet Dome (c/ Verdaguer, 2. Metro: L1 Can Peixauet

SK8 Sound | Mobilitylab

Interactive experiment which turns Skateboards into music instruments. The natural movement of the skateboard acts as the generator of audio which creates a sonic mix together with other skateboards. Each skateboard, by using a computer programme, is assigned a different musical intrument, transforming the skaters movements into sonic responses. The dynamics and flexibility of skateboarding allows for real time experimentation with intereactive digital systems. Through this project, MobilityLab broadens the transformation of urban practices in collective creation processes.

Mobilitylab is a platform created by Efraín Foglia and focused on digital interaction and critical research with an emphasis on contemporary mobility. This phenomenon is analyzed from different perspectives such as labor outsourcing, the effects of reign of the automobile industry, citizens’ restrictions and exclusions in the public space, communication channels asymmetry owing to the monopolization of digital networks, technological portability, etc. The projects are the result of collaborations with different creators and/or communities. The platform has two experimental physical locations–Barcelona and Mexico City. Main partner: Jordi Sala.

Everything together!
- Skeatboard Ramps Workshop with Sergi Arenas
- Skeatboard Freestyle exhibition with Toni Medina
- Interactive experiment with Mobilitylab + dAAX! (Generative Audio + Digital Networks + Skaters = SK8 Sound)
- Espace: Dome of Can Peixauet with Straddle3 + M-Etxea + Todo por la Praxis

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