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Year/s: Started 2014 (ongoing)

Project title:
Agora Juan Andrés Benítez

Organisers: Veïns i Veïnes del Raval
Collaborations:District residents, organisations, and the general public
Project type: Social, cultural, protestand solidarity
Main subject: Reclaiming spaces for community use
Key concepts: Especulation, comunity, explotation, social fabric, human rights
A group of residents in the Raval have begun restoration work at the vacant loton the corner of Aurora and Riereta streets, for community use. The space is open to proposals, at the citizens' service, for use as, e.g., a play area for children, a meeting-placefor district residents, as well asfor all kinds of cultural and social activities, these uses to be defined by residents in a participatory manner. The occupied site belongs to the City Council and SAREB, but residents expect the space to be respected as a communal district asset.

"We build the Agora Juan Andrés Benítez, a place to remember police brutality and impunity
in the
Raval" (Agora Juan Andres Benitez)


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Fotos: Agora Juan Andrés Benítez i autors

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