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Year/s: Started 1998/2000 with the project La Ciutat de les Paraules
Project title: AlmaZen

Organisers: Associació Cultural La Ciutat de les Paraules
Collaborations: Artists, Performers, district
Project type: Artistic, educational, social creativity, education
Main subject: Artist-run space for creation and the promotion of the arts
Key concepts: Pocket formats, contemporary thinking
AlmaZen is the headquarters of the Cultural Association La CIutat de les Paraules, a space for artistic creation and distribution, self-managed by artists. AlmaZen is a space for a social commitmentwhich understands the link between everyday life and the arts, and the need to create tools for social cohesion. A model space which specialises in showcasing unconventional arts such as microcircus, storytelling, experimental cinema, among others.
Seasons have included Almaclown; Improclown i Global Clown Theatre, Cabaret Perplejo, Almasilenciosa, Very Important Women


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Fotos: AlmaZen

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