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Year/s: 1994 - 2007
Project title: Ateneu del Xino

Organisers: Associació Cultural Ateneu del Xino
Collaborations: Membership, neighbours, friends
Project type: Libertarian, social, participative
Main subject: An alternative space to make culture approachable for all
Key concepts: Ateneu llibertari, common space, debates, cultural activities, self-management


Ateneu Llibertari del Xino
was a place to meet, and for meeting reality, based upon debate, criticism, and shared conversation. The Ateneumeant a space of freedom at a time when the Raval was being transformed without a thought for thepoorest of its residents, with a diversity of programmed activities, welcoming the arts and different cultures, and with its politicalroots based upon solidarity between cultures and peoples. Its doors were finally closed by municipal order, but not before all possible ways to continue its work had been exhausted. While it was open, the Ateneurang out with campaigns and protests, provided a setting for presenting books, studies, music, exhibitions, micro-theatre; it held workshops, festivals, lectures, debates; screened films and documentaries, all self-managed and collaborative.

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