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Year/s: Started2013 (ongoing)
Project title: Senyalem la memòria. Treball invisible

Organisers: Mediateca del Raval // Territoris Oblidats (PMU-Pensant Moviment Urbà)
Collaborations: Casal de gent gran Trueta // Organisations and neighbours from Raval
Project type: Public space interventions
Main subject: To raise awareness of spaces of memory within the district
Key concepts: Public space, map, district, street signs

PMU, with its Territoris Oblidats project, initiated this collaboration with the Mediateca del Raval, aiming to signpostt, in public space, memory locations collected and published as capsules by the Mediateca network. The project began among a group of people with a connection to the Trueta Casal de Gent Gran (Trueta Old Folks' Day Care Centre), and was open to the participation of associations and interested people, offering an intergenerational approach.
The theme chosen in this first phase was the invisible work of women in their homes.

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 Ref: #002

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Fotos: Senyalem la memoria - Territoris Oblidats

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