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Year/s: Started 2009 (ongoing)
Project title: Mediateca del Raval

Organisers: Ravalnet (Xarxa Ciutadana del Raval)
Collaborations: Aula d'Acollida CEIP Milà i Fontanals, Comparsa Disbauxa, Centre Gimnàstic Barcelonès, Associació per a Joves Teb
Project type: Virtual and physical space
Main subject: New technologies to build the district memory
Key concepts: Memory, archive, new technologies

Mediateca del Raval was aproject by Ravalnet, andXarxa Ciutadana del Raval(Raval Citizen Network), which made the technology, various tools, and training support available to residents, groups and district organisations to construct, all together, the memory of the district. The aim was to create a citizens' archive with maximum accessibility, and a web site to which material might beadded. The Mediateca developed several projects on issues of memory, involving various associations and building either physical archives or archives for online consultation: Càpsules de memòria and Torna el CGB.


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Photo: Mediateca del Raval

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