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Year/s: 2014
Project title: Mapa Nikosiano

Organisers: Associació S.C. Radio Nikosia with Rebecca Close and “No-Tours” Platforms.
Collaborations: Col·lectiu, Obra Social La Caixa
Project type: Intervention and roaming in public space
Main subject: Intimate maps, sensitive maps
Key concepts: Mapping, technologies, public space, narratives

Map of sensitive routes in the centre of Barcelona, designed collectively. In Nikosia each participant chose a sector of the district and put together a story of their experiences. An itinerary of intimate stories in the Gothic Quarter resulted in a collective map. Thesewalking toursmay be planned jointly based upon routes organised by Nikosia or self-organised, by downloading the No-Tours,application for smart-phones which allows for geolocalisations and links to each of the stories (suitable for Android phones). An MP3 version of every story may also be downloaded from the web at

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