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Year/s: Started 2012
Project title: Fleadonia

Organisers: Associació Freedonia
Collaborations: Volunteers, district organisations
Project type: Cultural, artistic, solidarity
Main subject: Independent and grassroots culture
Key concepts: Participation, exchange, public space

FLEADONIAis a monthly "street market " organised by the Cultural Association Freedonia. Since September 2012 the market, a meeting place where residents may enjoy public space in the district of Raval, has been held one day every month.
The market
sells objects and recycled clothes, second hand and vintage itemsas well as new creations by artisans, designers, painters, sculptors, illustrators, etc..
Other activities and projects hosted
byFreedonia are:
The Plurifarandula:
Comedy micro-plays, Barcelona Comedy Club, film sessions by Cine Churrero,
Open-mic Sessions, MuchaFibra Workshops, Enredant Freedonia: tactics for cultural resistance
in difficult times,
Espectacles de Butxaca (Small format shows), Live Music


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Photos: Freedonia

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