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Year/s: AET from 1984 // CET from 2013
Project title: Ecogo

Organisers: CET( Especial work centre) Associació Estel Tapia
Collaborations: Associació Estel Tapia, volunteers, organisations.
Kind of project: Inclusion, socio-productive
Main subject: Solidarity project for people in a situation of social exclusion.
Key concepts: Social vulnerability, inclusion within society and the workplace, recycling, creativity, innovation

Aiming to "train - help - buy – skill – dignify", the associative project Estel Tapia, works to train adults at risk of exclusion in order to help them acquire the skills and training with which to join the labour market.
Beyond handling and assembling parts in general, the CET Estel Tapia designs and develops its own products from reused and recycled material, under the brand ECOGO.
The products are used for protection of good in transport, among them; the ECOTÓ, a napkin made out of fabric and polythene (patented by the Association) used to wrap sandwiches and other foodstuffs as an alternative to aluminium foil; the Ecokú, for wrapping cutlery; bicycle saddlebags, bags produced with reused materials, and other handcrafted textile accessories. ECOGO also design and manufacture bicycle accessories such as Ecoclic, a moveable anchoring device to secure a bag to a bicycle.

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Photo: CET Estel Tapia

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