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Year/s: Started2004
Project title: Espai de l'Inmigrant

Organisers: Collective of varied and independent people.
Collaborations: Organisations, district residents, health professionals, artists.
Kind of project: Health and social issues
Main subject: Space to reclaim the rights of immigrant peoples
Key concepts: Social justice, empowerment, autonomy

The Espai de l'Inmigrant open
ed in 2014 as a result of the situation generated by the new health and welfare laws, as a place of welcome and support for people excluded by their legal, economic or administrative status . It is an open forum for collaboration and participation.
The Espai de l'Inmigrant consists of a medical office, a legal and administrative consultancy office, and a support group. It runs a full programme of workshops, seminars, lectures, awareness-raising and protest campaigns, as well as Spanish language courses, creative workshops, and a popular dining service.

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Photo: Espai de l'Inmigrant // Danny Caminal

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