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Year/s: Started 1992
Project title: Comparsa Disbauxa

Organisers: Societat Cultural Artística Disbauxa
Collaborations: Societat Coral Girasol, neighbourhood organisations
Kind of project:Cultural and leisure activities
Main subject: Women's issues
Key concepts: Women, citizenship, workshops

In 1992 a group of women, with new
preoccupations, aiming to go ahead and show their presence in the community, joinedtogether after participating as a “Comparsa Disbauxa”* along with the band S.C. Girasol in the Rua de Barcelona (the annual carnival parade). Around this "Comparsa Disbauxa" they established the "Societat Cultural Artística Disbauxa", a cultural association, to promote activities and projects whichmark the presence of women in the construction of a model of society according to the wishes and needs of the citizens in the neighbourhood of Raval. Activities include workshops on sewing, handicraft, makeup, painting, choreography, etc.

* [Note: “comparsa” refers to the company of singers, dancers, musicians and other street performers in Spanish or Latin-American carnival parades; “disbauxa” is Catalan for a state of orgiastic excess, here reclaimed in a positive non-judgemental sense]

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Photo: Comparsa Disbauxa // Mediateca

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